Aspose.Words for Java 13.4.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 13.4 Release Notes

What’s New

  • Printing to multitray printers improved
  • Printing documents that contain pages with different orientation
  • Improved memory performance for large documents (now code uses ~20% less memory for 1Gb+ documents)
  • DOC and DOCX document can be signed with digital signatures, also signatures can be removed;
  • 3D color for VML extrusion effect is supported
  • Improved performance of PDF rendering of documents with Jpeg images
  • DML Charts enhancements: surface charts rendering, moving average trend lines rendering and more
  • Supported rendering of revisions
  • Improved pagination of footnotes
  • Implemented character paragraph indents
  • Fixed positioning of a table broken across pages when it has repeated header rows
  • Improved table row wrapping around floaters
  • Fixed issue with Arabic-Indic numerals inside SDT
  • Aspose.Words allows to write OOXML documents that do not cause Compatibility Mode when opened in MS Word 2010-2013 

For a list of changes to the public API in this release refer to the following article in the documentation.

All Fixes

Key Summary Category
WORDSJAVA-652 Page prints with incorrect orientation when printing to a physical printer Bug
WORDSJAVA-659 % formatting of doubles in charts. Bug
WORDSJAVA-709 Avoid duplicates in Java annotation arguments Bug
WORDSJAVA-712 Investigate if the conversions are performed twice Bug
WORDSJAVA-713 Consider removing temporary image files after save operation Bug
WORDSJAVA-717 Chart axis labels are stripped. Bug
WORDSJAVA-719 Chart axis labels: integer formatted as float Bug
WORDSJAVA-627 Autoporting of static classes Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-702 Effects are not applied correctly Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-705 Adding JavaDelete annotation should delete existing java file too. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-706 Workaround for TestNG’s explicit test class bug. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-710 TestNG to not run non-test public mthods. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-711 Full name of attribute should be stripped. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-718 OfficeCripto manual lifting Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-644 Autoporter to support implicit and explicit castings Feature
WORDSJAVA-716 Add the examples dashboard to the Java release Feature
WORDSJAVA-662 Decrease memory usage when save multi-thousands-page PDF documents. Performance
WORDSJAVA-669 Investigate why does it take too long to save to Pdf Performance
WORDSJAVA-714 Performance issue during RTF loading and converting to other formats Performance
WORDSNET-2504 Hyperlink to an external document crashes XPS Viewer Bug
WORDSNET-5411 On DOC to PDF conversion, Logo inside header is misplaced Bug
WORDSNET-5599 Upon rendering to PDF, Body of document becomes invisible Bug
WORDSNET-5633 Shapes are rendering behind the DrawingML objects in PDF,XPS Bug
WORDSNET-5634 Content is overlapped by image during open/save. Bug
WORDSNET-5966 While converting doc to pdf, Tables overlapped because of text wrapping set to Around. Bug
WORDSNET-6028 Document looks different when rendered to Fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-6107 Red TextBox Shape becomes in front of all other objects after conversion/rendering Bug
WORDSNET-6117 Horizontal merged cells rendered incorrectly while saving in PDF format first. Bug
WORDSNET-6123 Table contents are cut off while converting doc to PDF format. Bug
WORDSNET-6164 While converting doc to Pdf, nested table text rendered incorrectly. Bug
WORDSNET-6231 Vertical WordArt is not converting properly to RTF Bug
WORDSNET-6233 OOXML Charts // DrawingML Chart disappears during converting to DOC Bug
WORDSNET-6396 Text is misplaced after conversion From Doc to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-6562 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering Microsoft Visio Drawing Object to PDF/XPS Bug
WORDSNET-6568 DrawingML images are misplaced during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-6575 BuiltInDocumentProperties.Words property returns incorrect value Bug
WORDSNET-6664 Drawing Objects are not being rendered properly to PNG Bug
WORDSNET-6904 Incorrect shapes zorder Bug
WORDSNET-6972 Autoshape is sent behind an image while saving DOCX to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7125 DML inside SDT is transformed into a GroupShape during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-7353 Frame is not positioned at the correct place when exporting to Html Bug
WORDSNET-7516 A DML incorrectly renders in front of other DML nodes Bug
WORDSNET-7722 Line graph is missing with legends after conversion from Docx to Fixed file format Bug
WORDSNET-7767 Vertical border line appears besides logo image when printing Bug
WORDSNET-7799 TextBox shapes are sent behind other Shapes during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-7807 Ordinal Date field format is not correct in Fixed Page Formats Bug
WORDSNET-7872 Document contents are shifted to the next page in PDF document Bug
WORDSNET-7908 A string is repeated twice with two different formats in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7932 Fonts used in PDF are different to those used by Microsoft Word Bug
WORDSNET-7934 TextBox and it’s content is not visible in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-7935 An image is incorrectly displayed on all pages in PDF other than first page Bug
WORDSNET-7942 Improve min/max axis values calculation algorithm for 3D charts. Bug
WORDSNET-7943 A TextBox is sent behind DrawingML image during rendering to fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-7954 Content from Text file is not read during loading into DOM Bug
WORDSNET-7968 Black lines appear in Rectangle Shape during open/save DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-7980 Lock aspect ratio of embedded object is set to active after re-save Bug
WORDSNET-7982 UpdateFields doesn’t remove content formatted with Title style from TOC Bug
WORDSNET-7986 Width and alignment issue of a Text input form field in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-7994 Document.UpdateFields duplicate Visio Drawing Bug
WORDSNET-8000 MS Word reports a corruption in Cloned DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-8001 Number formatting issue while Mail Merge Bug
WORDSNET-8003 Size of TextBox in DOCX is not preserved during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-8005 Date picker SDT control is positioned closer to the top page edge Bug
WORDSNET-8009 Altchunk content is not preserved during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-8010 Doc to PDF conversion issue with Group Shapes rendering Bug
WORDSNET-8011 Vertical space between Paragraph is not preserved in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-8012 Tables are not splitting across pages in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-8013 Table rows are overlapping the content in Header in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-8015 Table is moved to next page after conversion from Docm to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8023 Unwanted border around Cells of first Row appears during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-8026 Aspose.Words produces untidy Table structures in DOC Bug
WORDSNET-8028 Incorrect text effective rectangle with 3D effect Bug
WORDSNET-8030 MS Word reports a corruption in converted DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-8038 Actual bounds are calculated incorrectly Bug
WORDSNET-8044 SDT content in RTL Table is partially reversed when specifying NumeralFormat.ArabicIndic Bug
WORDSNET-8064 Paragraph w:vertAlign has changed from superscript to baseline Bug
WORDSNET-8072 Detect an encoding in TxtReader if LoadOptions.Encoding is null. Bug
WORDSNET-8085 Mozilla Firefox does not render DrawingML in PDF properly Bug
WORDSNET-8113 Open/Save Docx lose the bullet Bug
WORDSNET-8146 Unexpected line numbers appear during open/save ODT Bug
WORDSNET-2092 Avoid using fonts during rendering checboxes. Enhancement
WORDSNET-2198 Size of images is changed after open/save the document. Enhancement
WORDSNET-2226 File size is increased two times after open/save the document. Enhancement
WORDSNET-3580 Support transparency in WMF emulated by SRCPAINT and SRCAND raster operations. Enhancement
WORDSNET-3849 VML // Shape shadow effect rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-4351 Text inside textbox is cropped during rendering. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4861 Position of Textbox is incorrect after converting to DOCX Enhancement
WORDSNET-5169 Investigate whether we can decrease memory usage upon rendering documents. Enhancement
WORDSNET-5529 DML linear gradient brushes should use transformation matrices instead of angle. Enhancement
WORDSNET-5697 /page vertical alignment/document to pdf conversion, image lose its postion Enhancement
WORDSNET-5754 while converting doc to pdf, image properties not available Enhancement
WORDSNET-5756 Pdf page count is greater than input Word document, after converting doc to Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-5784 document to pdf conversion, creating multiple tables Enhancement
WORDSNET-5830 DOC to PDF conversion issue; All pages not exported to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-5831 Document text out of position, While saving Word document in Pdf format Enhancement
WORDSNET-5842 While doc to Pdf, footer image render incorrectly. Enhancement
WORDSNET-5889 While converting Word document to Multipage Tiff image, first image missing. Enhancement
WORDSNET-6203 TextBox is hidden while rendering. Enhancement
WORDSNET-6218 Docx to PDF conversion issue with tables Enhancement
WORDSNET-6327 Doc to PDF conversion issue with left margin Enhancement
WORDSNET-6381 Doc to PDF conversion issue with Text field’s text Enhancement
WORDSNET-6410 Work out a useful way to avoid running into Compatibility Mode when saving OOXML and opening in Word 2010 Enhancement
WORDSNET-6531 Docx to Html conversion issue with text position Enhancement
WORDSNET-6570 Text is misplaced after conversion from Doc to Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-6954 Improve work with brushes upon rendering charts. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7256 Complete and release the offline examples dashboard Enhancement
WORDSNET-7324 Unexpected vertical border line appears besides characters in Html Enhancement
WORDSNET-7557 Errors with math symbols when converting .docx to .pdf on Ubuntu Enhancement
WORDSNET-7758 Table Width Changed Issue in Html2Doc2Html Enhancement
WORDSNET-7797 Font is incorrectly imported from HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-7798 Two tables are joined into one Enhancement
WORDSNET-7880 One of the tables incorrectly reads into model Enhancement
WORDSNET-7883 Content is imported as a single Paragraph Enhancement
WORDSNET-7892 Text contents misplaced while conveying from Doc to Fixed file format Enhancement
WORDSNET-7919 HTML to Doc conversion issue with Paragraph Left Indent Enhancement
WORDSNET-7920 Open and Save HTML file lost Left Indentation of Paragraphs Enhancement
WORDSNET-7936 XPS printing issue with text at physical printer Enhancement
WORDSNET-7937 Shape’s z-order is incorrect in HTML export. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7953 Create infrastructure for compliance info gathering during OOXML document loading Enhancement
WORDSNET-7973 Failed assertion in BorderGrid.AddCell() Enhancement
WORDSNET-7984 Word 2013 does not respect zoom level set by Aspose.Words Enhancement
WORDSNET-8019 Add support of 3D color to extrusion effect. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8020 Add support of gradient brush scale. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8040 Incorrect tab width when list aligned tab occurs after another tab Enhancement
WORDSNET-8055 Shadow for shapes with broad stroke differs from MS Word 2013 result Enhancement
WORDSNET-8057 Line width is not considered during appling extrusion effect Enhancement
WORDSNET-8089 Support Z-Axis labels rendering. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8090 Improve drop lines rendering for 3D line charts. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8100 /footnote balancing/ Docx to PDF conversion issue Enhancement
WORDSNET-8125 Line chart is rendered as smooth but should be rendered as straight lines. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8151 Font of text inside WordArt Shape is incorrect in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-8154 Update links to Aspose site in shortcuts created by the installer Enhancement
WORDSNET-3926 OutOfMemoryException occurs during converting to PDF. Exception
WORDSNET-4143 Ref field in footer causes exception while UpdateField running Exception
WORDSNET-4243 /performance/ OutOfMemoryException is thrown upon rendering. Exception
WORDSNET-4293 ArgumentException occurs during UpdateField. Exception
WORDSNET-4672 ArgumentException is thrown upon rendering. Exception
WORDSNET-6265 Stack Empty Exception when UpdatePageLayout() is called Exception
WORDSNET-6298 InvalidOperationException occurs during converting DOC to fixed page formats Exception
WORDSNET-7830 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown when load Doc file into Aspose.Word DOM Exception
WORDSNET-7945 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOCX Exception
WORDSNET-7976 System.InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering to fixed page formats Exception
WORDSNET-7983 ‘Infinite loop detected’ error occurs during rendering to fixed page formats Exception
WORDSNET-7993 UnsupportedFileFormatException occurs during loading Unknown file format Exception
WORDSNET-8002 DrawingML causes Aspose.Words to throw InvalidOperationException during open/save DOCX Exception
WORDSNET-8051 Documents fall into infinite loop when rendering to fixed page formats Exception
WORDSNET-8098 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to fixed page formats Exception
WORDSNET-8137 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOC Exception
WORDSNET-2018 Support XAML (Flow document). Feature
WORDSNET-2120 /revision marks/ Support revision marks upon rendering/converting to PDF. Feature
WORDSNET-2852 Digitally sign a DOCX document Feature
WORDSNET-656 Digitally sign a DOC document Feature
WORDSNET-6750 Support surface chart rendering. Feature
WORDSNET-6826 Parapragh Tight Wrap property do not preserve on re save the document Feature
WORDSNET-7368 Docx to HTML conversion issue with Paragraph rendering Feature
WORDSNET-7612 /revision marks/ Hidden text becomes visible in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-7884 Text wrapping is changed from “Square” to “in line with text” in output Doc/Docx Feature
WORDSNET-7894 /revision marks/ Revision formatting and comments are not preserved in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-8006 Support AlternateContent upon reading charts for rendering. Feature
WORDSNET-8061 Force LoadFormat during document load Feature
WORDSNET-8076 Add another Automation to Aspose migration tip to the docs Feature
WORDSNET-8093 Support band formats upon rendering surface charts. Feature
WORDSNET-8105 Support rendering of Linear trendlines. Feature
WORDSNET-8107 Support rendering of Moving Average trendlines. Feature
WORDSNET-8130 Review the blog release for the dashboard Feature
WORDSNET-8131 Add the release to the downloads module Feature
WORDSNET-8133 Include dashboard in the MSI and add prompt the user to open at the end of the installer Feature
WORDSNET-8134 Add dashboard to dlls only zip for all products Feature
WORDSNET-8135 Remove .sh file to register Aspose.Words.dll on Mono Feature
WORDSNET-8136 Remove existing demo code from the installer Feature
WORDSNET-7852 Feasibility study // Avoid reconvertion of non-JPEG images for texture brush. Performance
WORDSNET-8022 Line AutoShape causes Aspose.Words to hang during rendering Performance
WORDSNET-7963 System.InvalidCastException throws while converting from RTF document to other file formats Regression