Aspose.Words for Java 13.7.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 13.7 Release Notes

What’s New

There are 142 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are: 

  • Rendering of table diagonal borders
  • Document structure output into PDF/A-1a compliance
  • Export of SDT controls as editable PDF form fields
  • Improved text wrapping logic for section breaks
  • EQ (mathematical) fields rendering implemented
  • Added options for setting image resolution while rendering to PDF
  • Fixed problem with incorrect font rendering for Korean language
  • Supported theme overrides (OOXML)
  • Improved format revision support (including styles)
  • Several improvements in OLE support area

For a list of changes to the public API in this release refer to the in the documentation.

All Fixes

Key Summary Category
WORDSJAVA-738 Investigate why does the default locale of JVM changes randomly Bug
WORDSJAVA-696 Wrongly locked image scale causes wrong scale while saving Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-739 Autoportable MailMergeDataSourceDataTable/DataRelation Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-743 java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException occurs when saving DOC to HTML Exception
WORDSNET-4965 Position of frame is incorrect after rendering. Bug
WORDSNET-5021 A field with CHARFORMAT is bold on update, though field code is not bold. Bug
WORDSNET-6002 Images are rendered as red crosses to document Bug
WORDSNET-6142 Field switch is incorrectly added to the end of an INCLUDEPICTURE field Bug
WORDSNET-6380 Image in DOCX is not visible when rendering to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-6528 Mergefield with CAPS formatting switch produces incorrect results. Bug
WORDSNET-6794 Content of Table in header is truncated in HTML Bug
WORDSNET-7166 /revisions/ Cells have extra padding at the bottom in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7490 SEQ fields do not reset on the headings level Bug
WORDSNET-7909 SEQ field “\s” option is not taken into account by UpdateFields Bug
WORDSNET-8082 Unwanted border around the OLEObject is added in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8181 MS Word 2013 displays broken RTL text Bug
WORDSNET-8183 RTL text is reversed in Fixed Page HTML Bug
WORDSNET-8216 DocumentBuilder does not inherit Bookmark formatting when moving cursor to that Bookmark Bug
WORDSNET-8249 Charts do not render in HtmlFixed after conversion from Doc Bug
WORDSNET-8256 Incorrect ActiveX control sized cause inline shape to wrap to the next line in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8276 Font.Hidden property returns old value for a revised document Bug
WORDSNET-8311 Composite nodes are joined in a wrong way while field result removal. Bug
WORDSNET-8342 WordML to Pdf conversion issue with DOCPROPERTY Bug
WORDSNET-8355 Calling UpdateFields method twice turns on the Link To Previous option Bug
WORDSNET-8363 SaveOptions.WarningCallback do not work for ImageSaveOptions (Tiff) Bug
WORDSNET-8374 Direct formatting attributes are added to the Paragraphs and Runs inside SDT during UpdatePageLayout. Bug
WORDSNET-8409 Docx to Doc conversion issue with mathematical formulas Bug
WORDSNET-8413 All formatting of copied style is not applied to Paragraphs Bug
WORDSNET-8423 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with content misplacement Bug
WORDSNET-8431 ImageData.GrayScale property is not respected during rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8434 OfficeMath equations are exported to HTML as blank images in Windows 8 Bug
WORDSNET-8452 Fix JavaDoc error that occurs when running doc script Bug
WORDSNET-8459 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with image rendering Bug
WORDSNET-8462 Paragraph gets unexpected line spacing after mail merge Bug
WORDSNET-8463 Transparent background of an image is lost during rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8465 StructuredDocumentTag Node does not import from one document to another Bug
WORDSNET-8477 OleFormat.Save does not save the data of the embedded object Bug
WORDSNET-8479 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with date rendering Bug
WORDSNET-8480 A Hyperlink does not work when converting document to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8481 Bullets are missing after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8485 Margin-left of styled headers isn’t correct when you have a table in the html Bug
WORDSNET-8486 An image in PDF is displayed very small in when converted from RTF Bug
WORDSNET-8494 Import characters in range 0x80 - 0x9F from HTML documents encoded in ‘ISO-8859-1’ Bug
WORDSNET-8496 H2 heading causes Row to render on the next page Bug
WORDSNET-8497 TextBox shape overlaps the content around it’s edges in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8500 UpdateFields places a TOC at incorrect position in output document Bug
WORDSNET-8505 Font changes during importing nodes into another document Bug
WORDSNET-8508 PAGE and NUMPAGES fields are displaying ‘Error! Bookmark not defined’ message in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8510 While generating a PdfA1b from DOCX it is showing white strip and removing content from textbox Bug
WORDSNET-8511 Number rendering issue with NumeralFormat.Context in mail merge Bug
WORDSNET-8516 Bold simulation issue with Chinese font Bug
WORDSNET-8519 Some items in existing list are nested inside a new numbered list Bug
WORDSNET-8520 Docx to Pdf Conversion issue with chart position Bug
WORDSNET-8521 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with Legends rendering Bug
WORDSNET-8526 Font fallback issue with Korean text Bug
WORDSNET-8527 List items and their indentations are not preserved during open/save HTML Bug
WORDSNET-8529 Left indentation of list is not correct when converting HTML to DOC Bug
WORDSNET-8544 Table.ClearBorders() adds borders to the Cells Bug
WORDSNET-8546 Date Type StructuredDocumentTag do not render correctly in output Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8547 Bullet symbols are rendering as question marks in IE 7 and IE8 Bug
WORDSNET-8556 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with vertical axis title Bug
WORDSNET-8559 Docx to SVG conversion issue with RTL text Bug
WORDSNET-8560 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with Font Courier New Bug
WORDSNET-8579 Hidden text becomes visible in XamlFlowPack Bug
WORDSNET-8582 Extensive use of Frames in DOCX causes many formatting issues in EPUB Bug
WORDSNET-8591 Shape.OleFormat.IconCaption return incorrect value Bug
WORDSNET-2098 Line spacing is different when appending one document to another Enhancement
WORDSNET-2968 Paragraph indentation is incorrect during rendering. Enhancement
WORDSNET-3526 SUM(ABOVE) does not work if there are data inside brackets. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4284 NEXTIF field with mail merge regions throws exception if last record in datasource Enhancement
WORDSNET-4303 Paragraph alignment is changed after appending document. Enhancement
WORDSNET-6612 Wingdings symbol in HTML are not appearing correctly in IE8 but Firefox. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7651 Move external image files for TestImportJacobPalmeSamples tests into our wiki. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8260 Caps of arrow disappear on shadows Enhancement
WORDSNET-8261 Some arrows appear incorrectly if they have not extrusion effect. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8295 Test SVG image support on mobile Safari Enhancement
WORDSNET-8307 Border width is ignored when paragraphs are positioned in HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-8329 Update EULA to 1st June revision Enhancement
WORDSNET-8337 Paragraphs overlap when viewing the output HtmlFixed file with IE6, IE7 or IE8 Enhancement
WORDSNET-8388 font-size mentioned in html span tag is imported incorrectly in DOM Enhancement
WORDSNET-8433 Rendering of DrawingML in RGB color format Enhancement
WORDSNET-8437 Get rid of Bbt. Use an easier implementation for iterator of PageParts. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8445 MailMerge.Execute does not fill mail merge fields in the document Enhancement
WORDSNET-8461 Inserting data into a merge field using DocumentBuilder inside FieldMerging no longer works Enhancement
WORDSNET-8482 Do not include empty headings to the PDF document outline Enhancement
WORDSNET-8484 Express - Update EULA to 1st June revision Enhancement
WORDSNET-8488 A Table renders on to the bottom of previous page and gets truncated Enhancement
WORDSNET-8489 Tables inside TextBox Shape overlap the remaining content Enhancement
WORDSNET-8490 A logo image gets partially rendered more towards top page edge in Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-8491 Mhtml filie is detected as txt Enhancement
WORDSNET-8495 Extra blank page is added during rendering to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-8507 Fix bugs reported with DocumentLayoutHelper Enhancement
WORDSNET-8509 DrawingML gets clipped and distorted when viewing print preview in Chrome Enhancement
WORDSNET-8524 Png image is read (parsed) twice during saving to pdf. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8536 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with list items when Run.Font.Hidden is set to false Enhancement
WORDSNET-8575 Text pushed to the next page, leaving a column empty. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8597 Take into account shape type during textbox size calculation Enhancement
WORDSNET-4569 FileCorruptedException is thrown on Mhtml import Exception
WORDSNET-6303 Consider adding resilency during updating formula fields Exception
WORDSNET-8282 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading MHTML file Exception
WORDSNET-8444 DocumentLayoutHelper example code example throws Exception Exception
WORDSNET-8448 Document.Save throws System.InvalidOperationException (Stack empty) Exception
WORDSNET-8514 XamlReader.Load throws XamlParserException when loading XamlFlowPack Exception
WORDSNET-8553 NullReferenceException occurs during exporting DOC to HTML Exception
WORDSNET-8568 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF or HTML Exception
WORDSNET-8571 NullReferenceException occurs during exporting DOC to HTML or PDF Exception
WORDSNET-8573 InvalidOperationException occurs when converting Doc to Html or Pdf Exception
WORDSNET-8577 InvalidCastException occurs during loading a DOCX Exception
WORDSNET-8586 StackOverflowException occurs during appending document to another document Exception
WORDSNET-8590 Shape.OleFormat.IconCaption throws exception Exception
WORDSNET-8606 InvalidCastException occurs during Open/Save a DOC Exception
WORDSNET-1673 Render EQ fields to a visual form in layout Feature
WORDSNET-7987 Consider exporting SDT controls as editable PDF form fields Feature
WORDSNET-8058 Line ends is not considered during appling extrusion effect Feature
WORDSNET-8063 Colored chart becomes grayscale during open/save Feature
WORDSNET-8111 Create an article that describes how to use Aspose.Words in MS Access application Feature
WORDSNET-8167 /cell border diagonal/ Diagonal borders in table cells are missing from fixed page formats Feature
WORDSNET-8271 Export document logical structure to PdfRenderer along with APS model Feature
WORDSNET-8272 Write logical structure to PDF Feature
WORDSNET-8275 Text inside FORMDROPDOWN is not wrapping to multiple lines in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-8303 Implement ‘volume line’ building for line with different Dash Style. Feature
WORDSNET-8390 Preserve protection of selected ranges upon RTF round-trip. Feature
WORDSNET-8426 Render DrawingML picture as ApsImage Feature
WORDSNET-8446 Support import of element ‘image’ in DOCX format Feature
WORDSNET-8458 Implement ‘volume line’ building for line with different Dash Style for DML lines. Feature
WORDSNET-8475 Provide PdfSaveOptions.ImageResolution property Feature
WORDSNET-8522 Provide an option to keep source image resolution when rendering to PDF Feature
WORDSNET-8533 Provide a way to distinguish different story types in LayoutApsBuilder Feature
WORDSNET-8534 Provide a way to determine text language in LayoutApsBuilder Feature
WORDSNET-8535 Provide a way to get AltText for pictures and tables in LayoutApsBuilder Feature
WORDSNET-8236 Investigate if special tags get tempered during printing DOC to RightFax Performance
WORDSNET-8555 Optimize process of creating/caching LprSpan objects in SpanGenerator Performance
WORDSNET-8584 DrawingML causes Aspose.Words to hang during rendering DOCX to PDF Performance
WORDSNET-8380 ExportFontResources causes System.ArgumentException when exporting a DOC to EPUB Regression
WORDSNET-8385 Language information is no longer exported to HTML Regression
WORDSNET-8432 A Table splits into two tables during open/save a DOCX Regression
WORDSNET-8540 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to HTML Regression
WORDSNET-8548 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOC Regression
WORDSNET-8549 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOC Regression
WORDSNET-8550 System.InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering DOC to HTML Regression
WORDSNET-8551 System.InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering DOC to HTML Regression
WORDSNET-8554 InvalidOperationException occurs during exporting DOC to HTML Regression