Aspose.Words for Java 13.9.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 13.9 Release Notes

What’s New

There are 115 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are: 

  • Further features and improvements in DrawingML Charts rendering Textboxes rendering improvements “Zero-weight” files are now supported Various improvements in handling of MS Word formats

All Fixes

Key Summary Category
WORDSJAVA-742 Aspose.Words.jdk16-13.6.0 causing apache-tomcat memory leak warning logs Bug
WORDSJAVA-762 Lost image effects. Bug
WORDSJAVA-774 Text inside inline OLE doesn’t show. Bug
WORDSJAVA-777 JPEGImageReader causes memory leak during PDF conversion on JDK1.6.0_45 Bug
WORDSJAVA-780 Import characters in range 0x80 - 0x9F from HTML documents encoded in ‘ISO-8859-1’ Bug
WORDSJAVA-783 CultureInfo for uk-UA under win8 Bug
WORDSJAVA-784 Can’t parse iTXt_chunk during reading Png Bug
WORDSJAVA-785 Load external CSS by URI with the ‘file:’ scheme with arbitrary number of slushes Bug
WORDSJAVA-792 Unsupported FileFormat Exception during test save-load Bug
WORDSJAVA-754 Unproperly resolved RTL text with incorrect properties inside SDT. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-772 WMF XOR (SRCINVERT) operation unproperly rendered to PDF Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-773 Wmf image is filled by black background. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-781 Publically set TableName in com.aspose.words.DataTable Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-750 java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException occurs when rendering Docx to Pdf Exception
WORDSJAVA-769 NullPointerException occurs when saving doc as pdf in multiple threads Exception
WORDSJAVA-715 Generation of very big doc on Java 6 is slower than on Java 5 Performance
WORDSJAVA-768 Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment error occurs during saving to HTML_FIXED Performance
WORDSNET-5448 Content inside the text box is trimmed. Bug
WORDSNET-6309 Extended Unicode (Surrogate pair) characters are rendered incorrectly. Bug
WORDSNET-7066 Docx to HTML conversion issue with GroupShapes Bug
WORDSNET-7073 /clipping/ Doc to PDF conversion issue with Shape Cut off Bug
WORDSNET-7231 The amount of spacing after the paragraph is incorrectly set to Auto Bug
WORDSNET-7685 During exporting RTF to HTML the output sizes becomes too big Bug
WORDSNET-7835 Frame is destroyed after conversion to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7951 ‘margin’ CSS style in Html is imported incorrectly for Paragraphs Bug
WORDSNET-8126 Table content is truncated from the bottom in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8538 TextBox Shapes with Through wrapping are not visible in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8592 Aspose.Words does not load images from MHTML Bug
WORDSNET-8616 Images are convreterd to “red cross” after open/save MHT document Bug
WORDSNET-8626 Some content is moved to the next line in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-8635 Empty paragraphs become highlighted after conversion to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-8659 Barcode image is getting cropped from top when rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8673 Group Shape is broken after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8686 Text in TextBox shape is not rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8688 Incorrect position of text fields when rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8754 Text position is changed after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8761 Background color of GroupShape become black after rendering Bug
WORDSNET-8769 Text position of of first line of List paragraph is incorrect in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8772 Empty spaces are added after conversion from Docx to Doc Bug
WORDSNET-8808 Chrome does not display newly entered characters in Text FormField in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8809 A square box is inserted in between list’s bullet and text in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8813 UseDestinationStyles is not working with Heading styles Bug
WORDSNET-8815 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with mathematical formulas rendering Bug
WORDSNET-8828 StructuredDocumentTag.ListItems do not load all list items in Aspose.Words DOM Bug
WORDSNET-8829 PdfSaveOptions.PreserveFormFields (true) change the position of Form Fields in Pdf file Bug
WORDSNET-8834 Document.Save corrupts the Microsoft Word 2013 document Bug
WORDSNET-8845 Contents position is incorrect after joining documents with Document.AppendDocument Bug
WORDSNET-8850 doc.StylesStyleIdentifier.NoteHeading does not create style in the document Bug
WORDSNET-8852 MailMerge.Execute repeats/duplicates a Footnote in output document Bug
WORDSNET-8858 Japanese contents lost after conversion from Doc to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8862 Shape is rendered incorrectly Bug
WORDSNET-8863 Style inheritance does not work when copying style to another document Bug
WORDSNET-8868 Text of second line moves to first line after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8875 Docx to Html conversion issue with formula (Image) rendering Bug
WORDSNET-8882 Document.RemoveUnusedResources changes list styles Bug
WORDSNET-8883 Positions of frames are not preserved during rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8884 Page margins are ignored when saved as PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8892 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with PdfSaveOptions.PreserveFormFields Bug
WORDSNET-8893 Incorrect Character Rendering while conversion from mhtml to fixed file format Bug
WORDSNET-8894 Doc to Pdf conversion issue while rendering line Bug
WORDSNET-8908 Date field format is not preserved during open/save an ODT Bug
WORDSNET-8930 Saving MS Word document to Pdf loses space character for font Code 128 Bug
WORDSNET-8938 Webdings symbols are rendering as square boxes in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8939 The text alignment in Textbox is not preserved during converting to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8943 Shape is rendering at incorrect place in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8961 SpaceAfter value is not preserved during importing

from HTML

WORDSNET-8963 Font issue while inserting SVG into document Bug
WORDSNET-8965 A customized Combo DrawingML chart is incorrectly rendering to PDF/JPEG Bug
WORDSNET-8977 Run.Font.Bold return incorrect value for Revision type FormatChange Bug
WORDSNET-3270 Distance between bullets and text is too big after importing HTML. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4197 HTML export: Table’s lines disappeared in IE9, Chrome, Opera browsers Enhancement
WORDSNET-5868 CompatibilityOptions.DoNotExpandShiftReturn is not working with PDF files Enhancement
WORDSNET-6607 Font has changed after appending one document to another Enhancement
WORDSNET-7023 Incorrect floater vertical position if relative to a paragraph inside a floating table Enhancement
WORDSNET-7829 /cell border diagonal/ Diagonal borders in a table cell are lost when rendering to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-8678 Aspose.Words.Document does not open empty document Enhancement
WORDSNET-8711 Docx to HTML conversion issue with table border Enhancement
WORDSNET-8792 Multiple bookmarks are generated in PDF for one bookmark in header of document Enhancement
WORDSNET-8801 GroupShape causes Aspose.Words to throw System.ArgumentException during exporting a Doc to Html Enhancement
WORDSNET-8844 Page Left Margin increases after conversion from HTML to Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-8849 Provide method to add Built-in style in the Document.Styles collection Enhancement
WORDSNET-8860 Page background is corrupted while rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-8891 ‘Times New Roman’ 8pt text gets blurred when exported to image on Windows 8 Enhancement
WORDSNET-8896 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with Text Indents Enhancement
WORDSNET-8788 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading RTF file Exception
WORDSNET-8798 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading RTF file Exception
WORDSNET-8816 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading Docx file Exception
WORDSNET-8843 System.InvalidOperationException is thrown when BuiltInDocumentProperties.Thumbnail is used with Doc SaveFormat Exception
WORDSNET-8864 System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while converting Docx to Pdf Exception
WORDSNET-8869 OleFormat.SuggestedExtension throws System.IO.EndOfStreamException Exception
WORDSNET-8873 Document.UpdateFields method throws System.NullReferenceException Exception
WORDSNET-8889 InvalidOperationException occurs during exporting DOC to HTML Exception
WORDSNET-8916 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering/exporting to PDF/HTML Exception
WORDSNET-8917 InvalidCastException occurs during rendering/exporting DOC to PDF/HTML Exception
WORDSNET-8934 InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering/exporting DOC to PDF/HTML Exception
WORDSNET-1638 /cell border diagonal/ Render diagonal cell borders in the new layout Feature
WORDSNET-3315 /Word Perfect Justification/ ROOT Extra page is added upon rendering. Feature
WORDSNET-3732 /cell border diagonal/ Diagonal table border disappears during rendering. Feature
WORDSNET-6968 Support advanced chart features. Feature
WORDSNET-8084 Support advanced 3D charts features. Feature
WORDSNET-8867 Support “Display Units” upon rendering axis labels. Feature
WORDSNET-8877 Tab spacing is not respected in fixed page formats Feature
WORDSNET-8895 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with text (underscore) rendering Feature
WORDSNET-8898 Add option in PdfSaveOptions for Open Type of Pdf Feature
WORDSNET-8823 Document.UpdateFields method hangs during calculating PAGE fields Performance
WORDSNET-8837 Shape causes Aspose.Words to hang during rendering DOC to PDF Performance
WORDSNET-8915 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8923 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8924 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8925 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8926 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8927 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8928 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8929 Document.Save method throws System.DivideByZeroException Regression
WORDSNET-8935 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading DOC file Regression