Aspose.Words for Java 14.1.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 14.1 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 118 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Support for password-protected documents created in MS Word 2013
  • New public API to control rendering of tracking changes / revisions
  • Reduced peak memory usage for large documents
  • Performance improvements to the page layout engine
  • Rendering of hidden text is improved
  • Calculation of line height for Chinese characters improved
  • Export comments to HTML as footnotes
  • Export of drop-down fields and form fields as text into HTML
  • Document headers and footers can now be preserved in DOC-HTML-DOC roundtrip
  • DrawingML Soft Edge rendering effect implemented
  • DrawingML preset shadows rendering implemented
  • Hyperlink fragmentation in PDF resolved

All Changes

Key Summary Category
WORDSJAVA-419 Symbol dissapiar in Embedded OLE Equation Bug
WORDSJAVA-434 Shifted position for WordArts with pathInfo.getTrim() = false Bug
WORDSJAVA-597 WordArt shape is shrinked in PDF Bug
WORDSJAVA-835 INCLUDETEXT: Error! Not a valid filename. Bug
WORDSJAVA-839 Vertical shift of WordArt Bug
WORDSJAVA-444 Consider adding a version number into the file name of JAR. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-557 Support Black&White transform on metafiles. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-833 Add to Manifest Codebase, Permissions attributes for RIA (Rich Internet Applications). Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-834 Load Document by URI. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-836 Fix increment portability of WordArtApsBuilder*. Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-823 LoadOptions.setEncoding throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Exception
WORDSJAVA-608 .Net-style DateTime parsing and formatting Feature
WORDSJAVA-778 Gold comparer refactory Feature
WORDSJAVA-808 Add OSGI-Bundle metadata to Jar files Feature
WORDSJAVA-825 Consider adding a version number into the file name of JAR. Feature
WORDSJAVA-827 Add ImageBinarization option to Tiff in Java. Feature
WORDSJAVA-837 OfficeCrypto to support Sha512 hasher Feature
WORDSNET-3025 Some characters are not displayed during inserting. Bug
WORDSNET-4522 STYLEREF field in header/footer is improperly updated upon rendering Bug
WORDSNET-5388 STYLEREF field shows error “Error! No text of specified style in document.” in the output PDF document. Bug
WORDSNET-6452 Doc to PDF conversion issue with fields in page header Bug
WORDSNET-7519 OL element should not be nested within element OL in Html Bug
WORDSNET-7532 Docx to RTF conversion issue with font size. Bug
WORDSNET-7690 /cjk line spacing/Incorrect LineSpacing results in an incorrect number of pages Bug
WORDSNET-8561 TOC hyperlinks and superscript hyperlinks split into multiple fragments in output PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8623 /asian baseline/ Empty page is inserted after conversion from Doc to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8637 Images are placed incorrectly after RTF-HTML-DOCX round-trip Bug
WORDSNET-8638 Font size of table text gets smaller after export to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-8668 A hyperlink causes LinkAnnotation to be generated for each word Bug
WORDSNET-8820 Unwanted margin-left is added to <p> during exporting a Docx to Html Bug
WORDSNET-8950 Numbers with digit grouping break order of RTL text during HTML import Bug
WORDSNET-8953 Columns of adjacent tables get misaligned after DOCX-HTML-DOCX round trip Bug
WORDSNET-8954 Image is placed incorrectly when exported to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-9039 STYLEREF field value in Header/Footer is not correct when saving to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-9040 Document.UpdateFields remove table’s cell Bug
WORDSNET-9162 MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveUnusedFields does not remove unmerged merge fields during mail merge Bug
WORDSNET-9201 Mimic MS Word for rounding decimal numbers to correct precision Bug
WORDSNET-9225 A Table gets resized during open/save a DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-9228 Incorrect rendering of StyleRef field in header of Word document Bug
WORDSNET-9229 Unexpected ‘ul’ tag when converting Docx to ePub Bug
WORDSNET-9239 Document.UpdateFields method does not calculate a TOC field in DOC Bug
WORDSNET-9303 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering DOC to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-9305 An Elbow Arrow Connector Shape is not preserved during rendering to fixed page formts Bug
WORDSNET-9334 Font size of text imported from <pre> HTML elements is too large Bug
WORDSNET-9351 “Error : Unknown op code for conditional” is shown after calling Document.UpdateFields Bug
WORDSNET-9356 /asian baseline/ A Paragraph renders on to the next page in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-9375 SmartArt does not preserve when Doc file is converted to Docx Bug
WORDSNET-9404 HYPERLINK field color and formatting is not preserved when saving ODT to Word formats Bug
WORDSNET-9405 HYPERLINK field color and formatting is not preserved when saving ODT to Word formats Bug
WORDSNET-9420 OfficeMath equations are incorrectly rendering to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-9426 A list paragraph doesn’t use existing style in destination document when using ImportFormatMode.UseDestinationStyles Bug
WORDSNET-9437 Line numbering overlap in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-9439 Problems with template names containing the “}” character Bug
WORDSNET-9441 Font size in table cells is not preserved during saving DOCX to PDF/HTML Bug
WORDSNET-9442 MS Word throws error when loading Aspose.Words generated output document with it Bug
WORDSNET-9460 A table in Hebrew language document becomes invisible during open/save Bug
WORDSNET-9466 UpdateFields does not calculate value of a TOC Bug
WORDSNET-9471 GroupShape’s size is changed after re-saving the Doc file Bug
WORDSNET-9480 Formula (OfficeMath) background color is lost after conversion from Docx to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-9481 Word to HTML conversion issue with formula (OfficeMath) square brackets Bug
WORDSNET-9483 Almost all text is formatted as italic in output Html Bug
WORDSNET-9484 Suppress rendering of all hidden content in output Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-9487 Aspose removes header and footer during open/save ODT Bug
WORDSNET-9488 Bold font formatting is not preserved when saving to HtmlFixed format Bug
WORDSNET-9491 A Table renders on to the next page in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-9517 Bullets do not render in PDF for tracked document Bug
WORDSNET-9527 Some words in HtmlFixed overlap next consecutive word Bug
WORDSNET-9533 Shape size is changed after re-saving the Doc file Bug
WORDSNET-9553 After fixing WORDSNET-9229 inheritance of list item’s properties is violated. Bug
WORDSNET-3520 /chinese line breaking:40/ Part of content was moved to the next row during rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-4128 /asian baseline/ Fix height of lines containing mixed Asian and non-Asian text Enhancement
WORDSNET-4130 /asian baseline/ PDF rendering: part of text from second page jumps to the first page after rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-8251 Word art style 22 is not preserved during rendering to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-8299 Import paragraphs with hanging indent from HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-8636 Improve HTML round-trip of document headers and footers Enhancement
WORDSNET-8902 WordArt // Multiline // Docx to PDF conversion issue with ShapeType.TextPlainText (Multi line watermark alignment issue) Enhancement
WORDSNET-9299 WordArt // Multiline // Alignment of WordArt Shape text is not preserved during rendering to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-9376 WordArt // Multiline // WordArt does not preserve when Doc file is converted to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-9389 Provide a way in API to down sample only selected images in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-9401 Consider paddings and borders width in HTML cell width computing algorithm during export tables to HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-9414 Consider paddings and borders width in AW cell width computing algorithm during import HTML tables Enhancement
WORDSNET-9415 Save corrected table width during export to HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-9438 Correct table width during loading from HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-9446 Provide HtmlSaveOptions.ExportDropDownFormFieldAsText property Enhancement
WORDSNET-9458 Image is placed incorrectly when exported to HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-9459 Image is placed incorrectly when imported from HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-9467 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with contents position Enhancement
WORDSNET-9521 A table overlaps the content of another Table in fixed page formats Enhancement
WORDSNET-9567 Write an empty value to FormField in the same way like MS Word does. Enhancement
WORDSNET-8418 /rtl + absolute tab/ System.InvalidOperationException while conversion from Docx to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-8649 /rtl + absolute tab/ InvalidOperationException occurs when rendering Special characters to fixed page formats Exception
WORDSNET-9288 System.OutOfMemoryException is thrown while conversion from Docx to Pdf. Exception
WORDSNET-9326 Unable to load RTF file into Aspose.Words DOM Exception
WORDSNET-9340 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading RTF file Exception
WORDSNET-9372 CLONE - Document clones with multi threading do not save the document properly Exception
WORDSNET-9413 System.ArgumentException is thrown while appending documents Exception
WORDSNET-9473 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading WordML file Exception
WORDSNET-9475 Document.AppendDocument method throws System.ArgumentException exception Exception
WORDSNET-9503 Document.AppendDocument method throws System.ArgumentException exception Exception
WORDSNET-9522 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading Docx file Exception
WORDSNET-9570 UpdateFields throws exception upon encountering invalid path in INCLUDETEXT field Exception
WORDSNET-9572 LayoutCollector.GetEntity method returns NULL object when instantiating LayoutEnumerator before LayoutCollector Exception
WORDSNET-9594 System.NullReferenceException is thrown while converting Docx to Pdf Exception
WORDSNET-333 Add possibility of loading document via URI Feature
WORDSNET-4705 Export comments to HTML as footnotes Feature
WORDSNET-7964 Load Office 2013 encrypted document into Aspose.Words DOM Feature
WORDSNET-7967 Full reflection picture effect is not rendered in fixed page formats Feature
WORDSNET-8376 Softened/rounded edges of the image (feathering) are not retained in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-8647 Provide roundtrip of export comments to HTML and import back to AW Feature
WORDSNET-9045 Roundtripping of footnotes/endnotes Doc to HTML and HTML to DOC Feature
WORDSNET-9287 Tight reflection picture effect is not preserved in fixed page formats Feature
WORDSNET-9354 Provide options to change colors of Track Changes Feature
WORDSNET-9408 Layout of table is not preserved during saving a Odt to Docx Feature
WORDSNET-9433 Size of Aspose.Words generated PDF is too big Performance
WORDSNET-9443 Reduce the size of Span instances Performance
WORDSNET-9455 Aspose.Words hangs during open/save a DOC Performance
WORDSNET-5322 Row properties are copied over from the previous row Regression
WORDSNET-9387 NullReferenceException occurs during open/save a DOC Regression

Comments inside Microsoft Word documents are exported to HTML as Footnote elements. This behavior matches how Microsoft Word exports comments to HTML and greatly improves document fidelity and the ability to round trip such documents from DOC to HTML to DOC.

The property FieldOptions.CustomTocStyleSeparator has been added allowing you to sets custom style separator for \t switch in TOC field.By default, custom styles defined by the \t switch in the TOC field are separated by a delimiter taken from the current culture. This property overrides that behavior by specifying a user defined delimiter.

provides members to control how revisions are displayed in rendered documents.

is a new member added to control under which circumstances when images should be down sampled. Any image which has a PPI less than the given value will not be down sampled. A value of 0 is equal to situation before this option was introduced.Also PdfSaveOptions.DownsampleImages and PdfSaveOptions.DownsampleResolution properties have been marked with Obsolete attribute. TheDownsampleOptions class has been introduced to keep all related options in one place.

In previous versions resetting a form field text by passing an empty string to FormField.Result would result in a form field that could not be properly selected in the output document. This behavior has been fixed and form fields reset in this fashion now appear correctly and can be selected.

In previous versions hidden content would be exported to PDF. This behavior has been corrected and any hidden content does not appear in the output PDF.

Headers and footers are not native to HTML formats as they are page-less therefore they are normally exported as plain text and when reopened in Aspose.Words, they are no longer read as actual header footers.This version of Aspose.Words introduces proper round-trip of headers and footers and does so by writing the content to HTML as div elements to separate them from the main text in HTML documents. A custom HTML attribute ‘data-headerfooter-type’ is used to distinguish the div elements as actual header footers when reloading the document.h3. Node.DeepClone can now throw an Exception

Node.DeepClone can now throw an exception due to improvements that were made to the .NET source code base. This can cause existing code which uses this member to not compile if the surrounding code is not set to deal with the exception.

Starting from 14.1.0 version Aspose.Words supports rendering of SoftEdge effect.

The ability to export drop down form fields in Word documents as text when saving to HTML has been added. By default such fields are exported as “SELECT” tag in HTML however by using HtmlSaveOptions.ExportDropDownFormFieldAsText output can be changed to plain text.

Starting from 14.1.0 version Aspose.Words supports multi-line WordArt objects, but with the following restrictions:1. Only Left, Right and Center text alignments are supported.2. Bezier fit for multiline WordArt doesn’t correctly work with the following curves: “Deflate Inflate”, “Deflate Inflate Deflate”, “Button”, “Circle (Curve)”, “Arc Up” and “Arc Down”.

The document constructor used to load external documents into the Aspose.Words DOM now accepts a URI parameter to load documents from the web. By default when an URI is passed to to the Document constructor the designated file is retrieved using a GET operation of HttpWebRequest. Further ability to control how the document is loaded from the URI can be controlled using IResourceLoadingCallback.