Aspose.Words for Java 3.0 Release Notes

Please welcome our next major release of Aspose.Words for Java! Support for RTF and ODT is added in this release!

RTF Support

RTF features in Aspose.Words for Java:

  • Read and write files in the RTF format of any version
  • Over 95% of the RTF 1.8 Specification supported
  • Unknown keywords (unsupported or from newer specifications) are safely ignored.

The RTF specification is a set of keywords. There are over 1400 keywords in the RTF 1.8 Specification. Aspose.Words for Java fully supports (reads and writes) over 95% of those keywords. It is hard to find a similar level of implementation in other products.

ODT Support

OpenDocument Text (ODT) is the file format for word processing documents originally developed by Sun for the Open Office Writer. OpenDocument is currently an OASIS and ISO standard.