Document Features Supported on DOCX Import


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Attached Template Yes Attached template is used to reference styles and other settings through the use of a separate document template.

The link to this template is imported from the source document and can be found in the API as the Document.AttachedTemplate property.
- Document.AttachedTemplate
Built-In Properties Yes All Built-in Document Properties can be accessed and modified in Aspose.Words API.

There are methods to update the “count” properties such as character, word and page count. All such properties are supported with the exception of the “line” count which is currently not updated.

- Document.BuiltInDocumentProperties

- Document.UpdatePageLayout

- Document.UpdateWordCount

Custom Properties Yes Custom Document Properties can be created, accessed and modified through the API. - Document.CustomDocumentProperties
Custom Payload Part Yes Only Custom Payload Parts that are attached to the root of the package are preserved on load.

Custom Parts can be accessed through the Aspose.Words API.
- Document.PackageCustomParts
Custom XML Data Storage Yes Custom XML Parts can be accessed and modified in the DOM.

You can remove schemas linked to a part, however you cannot schemas in the document that are not referenced.

This feature will be supported in a future version.
- Document.CustomXmlParts
Digital Signature Yes A digital signature ensures that the content of a document has not been tampered with during transit. A signature is applied over the document so if any part of it is modified the signature is invalidated.

When you load a document into Aspose.Words the document signature is automatically lost. This is by design as the document is not the same anymore. You will need to reapply another signature during export, however currently Aspose.Words only signs PDF documents on output.

There are plans to support signing documents on export when saving in the OOXML, DOC, ODT or XPS format.

Detection, access and verification of digital signatures is supported.

Signing a OOXML document is not yet supported.

- Working with Digital Signatures

- Document.DigitalSigntures

- DigitalSignatureCollection.IsValid

Embedded Package Yes

Embedded packages are generally supported by Aspose.Words. There are two ways documents can be embedded inside other documents:

- OLE (this is available in DOC and OOXML formats)

- Package Embedding (available in OOXML only)

Content can be extracted from both types of embedded packages by using the OleFormat.Save method.

Aspose.Words supports these in the following ways during conversion:

If you have an OLE embedded or linked object it will be preserved during any conversion (e.g. DOC to DOCX or DOCX to DOC etc).

If you have a Package Embedded document, then it will only be preserved during DOCX to DOCX conversion.

There is no way to save a Package Embedded document from DOCX into a DOC file without converting it into an OLE embedded object. Implementing conversion of Package Embedded to OLE is tricky and it will take a while to implement.

OLE objects contain “native data” and are supposed to be created by the actual OLE creating application. We at Aspose.Words have never attempted or planned to replace the behavior of OLE creating applications.

- Shape.OleFormat
Encryption Yes Encrypted documents can be loaded into Aspose.Words as long as the password supplied on load for the document is correct.

XOR obfuscation is currently unsupported.

Encrypting a document during save is currently unsupported with the exception when saving in DOC format.

Opening documents encrypted using the ECMA-376 Standard Encryption or Agile Encryption is supported

Opening documents encrypted using the Extensible Encryption is not supported.

- LoadOptions.Password

- FileFormatInfo.IsEncrypted

Font Table Yes    
Glossary Document/Quick Parts/Auto Text Yes Glossary Document for DOCX is accessible through the DOM. - Document.GlossaryDocument
Hyphenation Yes There is currently no API to access and modify hyphenation settings in a document. - ParagraphFormat.SuppressAutoHyphens
Key Map Customizations Yes    
Mail Merge Recipient Data Yes   - Document.MailMergeSettings
Office Math Yes Office math content is accessible through the DOM. - OfficeMath
Themes Yes There is currently no API to access information about Themes however they are preserved when exporting to most formats.

Themes are preserved during open/save cycle.
Toolbar Customizations Yes    
Variables Yes Variables allow you to store additional information in the document which is “hidden” from the main document.

This can be used to embed custom tracking data in the document itself.
- Document.Variables
VBA Project (Macro) Yes VBA Projects are preserved during open and save to different formats that support them. This means you can load an existing template/document and add content to it and the VBA Projects will remain properly.

There is no API to access the code behind or execute any of the macros. There is a method provided to remove all macros from a document.
- Document.RemoveMacros
VBA Project Digital Signature Yes The digital signature on a VBA Project is preserved during open and save even if the document content is modified.  
Background Yes A background of a Word document can be a solid color or an image. - Document.BackgroundShape
Thumbnail Planned   - BuiltInDocumentProperties.Thumbnail

Embedded Fonts

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Embed Fonts Planned Currently embedding new fonts into a document is unsupported.  
Access and Use Embedded Fonts Yes Embedded fonts in DOCX are preserved and can be accessed through the API.

- FontInfo

- FontInfo.GetEmbeddedFont


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Bibliography Yes Bibliography content is preserved on import.

Updating a bibliography is currently unsupported.
Sources/Citations Yes Sources and citations are preserved during import.

Inserting new sources is not supported.
Citation Style Yes Document-wide citation style is preserved but there is no access to this setting in the DOM.  


Aspose.Words supports most document protection features.

Using Aspose.Words you can open a document that is password-protected even without the password (as long as its not encrypted).

Once loaded you can remove any protection from a document.

See the following links in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Allow Only Comments Yes   - Document.ProtectionType
Allow Only Form Fields Yes   - Document.ProtectionType
Allow Only Revisions Yes When this protection type is enabled, tracked changes are automatically turned on.

- Document.ProtectionType

- Document.TrackChanges

Limit Formatting to Selection of Styles Yes This setting is retained during round-trip. There is currently no way to modify these settings in the API.  
Protection Password (Legacy) Yes   - WriteProtection.SetPassword
Protection Password (OOXML) Yes   - WriteProtection.SetPassword
Protected Sections Yes   - Section.ProtectedForForms
Protection Ranges Planned Currently protected ranges are lost upon import.  
Read Only Yes  

- Document.WriteProtection

- WriteProtection.IsWriteProtected


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Asian Typography Settings Yes    
Compatibility Options Yes   - Document.CompatibilityOptions
Endnote Options Yes   - Document.EndnoteOptions
Footnote Options Yes   - Document.FootnoteOptions
Mail Merge Settings Yes You can modify all mail merge settings, as well as setting a new mail merge data source for the document to use. - Document.MailMergeSettings
Print Settings Yes   - Section.PageSetup
Show/Hide Settings Yes    
View Settings Yes   - Document.ViewOptions
Web Settings Yes    
XML Settings Yes