Document Features Supported on HTML Import


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Attached Template N/A    
Built-In Properties Yes All Built-in Document Properties can be accessed and modified in Aspose.Words API.

There are methods to update the “count” properties such as character, word and page count. All such properties are supported with the exception of the “line” count which is currently not updated.

Title, Keywords, Description properties are imported from meta tags in HTML. Other built-in properties stored in custom tags are currently not imported.

- Document.BuiltInDocumentProperties

- Document.UpdatePageLayout

- Document.UpdateWordCount

Custom Properties Planned Custom Document Properties can be created, accessed and modified through the API.

Currently, Custom Document properties or Built-in properties other than Title, Keywords or Description or are not imported from HTML.
- Document.CustomDocumentProperties
Custom Payload Part N/A    
Custom XML Data Storage N/A    
Digital Signature N/A Digital signatures cannot be added to HTML format.  
Embedded Package N/A    
Encryption N/A    
Font Table Yes    
Glossary Document/Quick Parts/Auto Text N/A    
Hyphenation Planned There is currently no API to access and modify hyphenation settings in a document. - ParagraphFormat.SuppressAutoHyphens
Key Map Customizations N/A    
Mail Merge Recipient Data N/A    
Office Math N/A    
Themes N/A Only OOXML documents have native support for themes.

During export, theme formatting is applied as direct formatting to HTML.

During round-trip back to DOCX this formatting is retained but the theme information is lost.
Toolbar Customizations N/A    
Variables N/A    
VBA Project (Macro) N/A    
VBA Project Digital Signature N/A    
Background Yes A background of a Word document can be a solid color or an image.

Only solid background is imported. Imported from style=“background:xxx” on <body> tag.

There are plans to support image background through the style-background attribute.
- Document.BackgroundShape
Thumbnail N/A    

Embedded Fonts

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Embed Fonts Planned Currently embedding new fonts into a document is unsupported.  
Access and Use Embedded Fonts Planned There is an option to subset and export font resources to EPUB, MHTML and HTML.

Fonts that are embedded in the original DOCX document can be optionally exported.

Embedded fonts linked in HTML are currently not read during import.

- FontInfo

- FontInfo.GetEmbeddedFont


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Bibliography Yes Bibliography content is preserved on import.

Updating a bibliography is currently unsupported.

Bibliography text is saved to HTML formats as normal text.
Sources/Citations Yes Sources and citations are preserved during import.

Inserting new sources is not supported.

Bibliography sources are not saved to HTML.
Citation Style N/A    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Allow Only Comments N/A    
Allow Only Form Fields N/A    
Allow Only Revisions N/A    
Limit Formatting to Selection of Styles N/A    
Protection Password (Legacy) N/A    
Protection Password (OOXML) N/A    
Protected Sections N/A    
Protection Ranges N/A    
Read Only N/A    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Asian Typography Settings N/A    
Compatibility Options Planned   - Document.CompatibilityOptions
Endnote Options N/A    
Footnote Options N/A    
Mail Merge Settings N/A    
Print Settings N/A    
Show/Hide Settings N/A    
View Settings N/A    
Web Settings N/A    
XML Settings N/A