Document Features Supported on PDF Export


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Attached Template N/A    
Built-In Properties Yes Built-in properties such as word and character count are updated using Aspose.Words but are not updated automatically on save.

Instead you need to explictly update these properties using the appropriate Document member. We will add an automatic update of these properties in a future version.

Title, Author, Subject, Keywords is output to PDF.
- Document.UpdateWordCount
Custom Properties Yes There is an option to export custom properties as metadata to PDF. The metadata exported to PDF in this way is given the namespace “custprops” e.g custprops:MyProperty. - PdfSaveOptions.ExportCustomPropertiesAsMetadata
Custom Payload Part N/A    
Custom XML Data Storage N/A    
Digital Signature Yes Non-visible digital signature is supported.

There are plans to support visible signatures in a future verison of Aspose.Words.
- PdfSaveOptions.DigitalSignatureDetails
Embedded Package N/A Exported as a plain image.  
Encryption Yes Creation of a PDF document with encryption and permissions is supported.

RC4 encryption with key-length of 40 and 128 bit is supported.

AES Encryption is not yet supported but will be planned for a later release.
- PdfSaveOptions.EncryptionDetails
Font Table Yes    
Glossary Document/Quick Parts/Auto Text N/A    
Hyphenation Planned Paragraphs that require hyphenation are wrapped to the next line instead.  
Key Map Customizations N/A    
Mail Merge Recipient Data N/A    
Office Math Planned It is planned to convert Office Math to a regular image before rendering.  
Themes Yes    
Toolbar Customizations N/A    
Variables N/A    
VBA Project (Macro) N/A    
VBA Project Digital Signature N/A    
Background Yes    
Thumbnail N/A Most rendered formats display thumbnails, however they are generated by the host application on open and not stored with the document.  

Embedded Fonts

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Embedding Fonts Yes There is an option to embed full fonts or a subset only of the glyphs used in the document to PDF. There are plans to introduce an option to control whether fonts are embedded at alll.

TrueType and PostScript fonts can be subsetted. PostScript fonts are embedded fully.

Fonts that are embedded in the original DOCX are used during rendering and exported to PDF.

- PdfSaveOptions.EmbedFullFonts

- PdfSaveOptions.UseCoreFonts

- PdfSaveOptions.UseWindowsFont

Embed Only Non-Standard Fonts Yes There is an option to embed only non-standard fonts. - PdfSaveOptions.EmbedStandardWindowsFonts


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Bibliography Yes Bibliography text is saved to PDF as normal text.  
Sources/Citations Yes Bibliography sources are not saved to PDF  
Citation Style N/A    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Allow Only Comments N/A    
Allow Only Form Fields N/A    
Allow Only Revisions N/A    
Limit Formatting to Selection of Styles N/A    
Protection Password (Legacy) N/A    
Protection Password (OOXML) N/A    
Protected Sections N/A    
Protection Ranges N/A    
Read Only N/A    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Asian Typography Settings N/A    
Compatibility Options N/A Compatibility Options can influence how the document content appears. These properties are not supported upon rendering to PDF.  
Endnote Options N/A    
Footnote Options N/A    
Mail Merge Settings N/A    
Print Settings N/A    
Show/Hide Settings N/A    
View Settings Planned There are plans to export view settings to PDF that apply to the format, such as default zoom amount.  
Web Settings N/A    
XML Settings N/A