Numbering Features Supported on OpenDocument Import

Numbering Definition

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Single Level Yes    
Multi Level Yes   - List.IsMultiLevel
Name N/A    

Numbering Level

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Label Alignment Yes   - ListLevel.Alignment
Picture Bullet Planned Picture bullets are supported, however there is currently no way to set a new picture bullet for a list item.

Consider creating a list with the picture bullet first in the document using Microsoft Word and then apply this list to the required paragraphs.
Restart Level N/A    
Bullet Character Yes    
Label/Format String Yes   - ListLabel.LabelString
Number Format Yes   - ListLevel.NumberFormat
Paragraph Properties Yes    
Font Properties Yes   - ListLevel.Font
Linked Paragraph Style N/A    
Starting Value Yes   - ListLevel.StartAt
Text After Yes   - ListLevel.TrailingCharacter