Text Features Supported on HTML Import


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Western Languages Yes    
East European Languages Yes    
East Asian Languages Yes    
Right to Left Languages Yes Imported from dir attribute on span.

- Font.Bidi

- Font.BoldBi

- Font.LocaleIdBi

Carriage Return (not a Paragraph Break) Yes    
Non-Breaking Space Yes Imported from " " entity code. - ControlChar.NonBreakingSpace
Non Breaking Hyphen Planned   - ControlChar.NonBreakingHyphen
Soft Hyphen Planned This type of hyphen is referred to as an “Optional Hyphen” in Microsoft Word documents. - ControlChar.OptionalHyphen
Symbol Yes    
Tab Planned There is no equivalent of a tab in HTML documents. Tabs are currently exported as a series of non-breaking spaces.

These are imported back as a series of non-breaking spaces but there is a work around to replace these with proper tabs.

It is planned to import the special Microsoft Word mso attribute to properly import tab sequences.
- ControlChar.Tab


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Line Break Yes Imported from <br> element. - ControlChar.LineBreak
Line Break Clear Type Yes    
Page Break Yes Imported from <br style=“page-break-before:always; clear:both”> - ControlChar.PageBreak
Column Break Yes Imported using the Microsoft Office attribute on break: style=“mso-column-break-before:always” - ControlChar.ColumnBreak

General Formatting

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Character Style Yes Character style is imported from either inline CSS (style) or embedded or linked CSS style sheet (class) on span elements.

Inline CSS (from style attribute) is imported as direct formatting on the text (stored in the Font of the Run node). An Embedded or Linked CSS style (through the class attribute) is imported as a Style and applied to the Run node in the document. This formatting can be accessed using the Run.Font.Style property. A linked CSS sheet can also be downloaded from an external address on the internet.

When there is conflicting formatting on inline and embedded/external CSS, as with CSS the formatting from inline styles are taken first, then the embedded formatting and finally the external formatting.

Styles are imported from embedded or external style sheets. If there is no linked style sheet of either of these kinds then the document is imported with no styles (apart from default Normal style). To make sure styles are imported use a CSS style sheet of any kind. There is a load option to control whether embedded or external style sheets are read or skipped during HTML import. There is also an option to supply your own CSS style sheet instead.

- Font.Style

- LoadOptions.ResourceLoadingCallback

Color Yes Imported from color on style attribute. - Font.Color
East Asian Typography Planned    
Highlight Color Planned Highlight is imported as a solid pattern.

Can be made to round-trip with some research.
- Font.HighlightColor
Language Yes Imported from lang attribute on <span>.

If this attribute is missing then the default language for the document is used.

- Font.LocaleId

- Font.LocaleIdBi

Do not Check Spelling or Grammar Planned   - Font.NoProofing
Border Yes Imported from border-style, border-width, border-color on <span>. - Font.Border
Shading Yes Imported from background-color on <span>.

Imported into the model as solid pattern on Run.
- Font.Shading


Bold and italics imported from font-weight:bold and font-style:italics on style.

This formatting can also be imported from simple tags e.g <b></b>, <i></i>.

All other font formatting is imported from standard CCS attributes on the “style” attribute.

<pre> tag is imported as text formatted with “Courier New” font.

There is an option to control how size is exported. Font can be exported as points or as em units. This allows fonts to be resized automatically by browsers by increasing or decreasing font size.

See the following links in the documentation for further information:

  • Font.Bold
  • Font.Italics
  • Font.Name
  • Font.NameFarEast
Feature Supported Comment See Also
Font Yes    


Imported from style attribute “text-decoration:underline” or from <u></u< tags.

The import of underline color is currently not supported.

See the following link in the documentation for further information:

  • Font.Underline
Feature Supported Comment See Also
Underline Type N/A    
Underline Color Planned Can be imported from a bottom border with different color from text. - Font.UnderlineColor

Text Effects

See the following link in the documentation for further information:

  • Font
Feature Supported Comment See Also
Animated Effect N/A    
Double Strikethrough N/A    
Strikethrough Yes Imported from text-decoration:line-through on <span> style. - Font.StrikeThrough
Subscript/Superscript Yes Imported from vertical-align:sub and vertical-align:super on <span> style.

- Font.Subscript

- Font.Superscript

Shadow N/A    
Outline N/A    
Emboss N/A    
Imprint (Engrave) N/A    
Small Caps Yes Imported from style=“font-variant:small-caps”. - Font.SmallCaps
All Caps Yes Imported from style=“text-transform:uppercase”. - Font.AllCaps
Hidden Text Yes Imported from style=“display:none”. - Font.Hidden
Special Hidden Planned    
Web Hidden Planned    

Character Spacing

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Scale N/A    
Expanded/Compressed Yes Imported from

- Font.Spacing
Vertical Position Yes Imported from “vertical-align:XXXpt”. - Font.Position