Annotation Features Supported on HTML Export

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All Word documents and most other formats that Aspose.Words export to only allow bookmarks with unique names, that is, no two bookmarks are allowed the exact same name.

If two bookmarks are given the same name in the model then no errors will occur. During export to any format, the duplicate bookmarks are removed silently. The first bookmark visited in the model is the one that is retained, any other bookmarks are removed,

Bookmark is represented by <a> element. The only bookmark start is output. Nesting and overlapping are not allowed.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Bookmark Start Yes    
Bookmark End Planned There are plans to support bookmark end. This is good to have for a roundtrip.

Currently, if bookmark end is required then it is suggested to export two bookmarks instead of one to achieve this.
Bookmark Name Yes    
Bookmark Table Columns N/A    


There are plans to export comments to HTML as footnotes.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Comment Yes Currently, a comment is exported as “title” attribute on <span>.  
Comment Range Yes The same comment is exported as title attribute for all spans inside a comment range.
This will be improved in the future.
Author Planned    
Date Planned    
Initial Planned    

Tracking Changes

You may need to accept tracked changes before saving to different formats or else the deleted revisions will still show up in the output document.

Exported as <ins> and <del> elements.

See the following link in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
On/Off State N/A    
Table Cell Deletion N/A    
Table Cell Insertion N/A    
Cell Merge or Split N/A    
Run Deletion Planned    
Run Insertion Planned    
Paragraph Deletion Planned    
Paragraph Insertion Planned    
Table Row Deletion N/A    
Table Row Insertion N/A    
Numbering Insertion N/A    
Numbering Change N/A    
Moves Planned Will be represented just by pair of deletion and insertion.  
Paragraph Properties Change N/A    
Run Properties Change N/A    
Section Properties Change N/A    
Table Properties Change N/A    
Cell Properties Change N/A    
Row Properties Change N/A    
RSIDs Session Identifiers N/A