Annotation Features Supported on Print Export


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Bookmark Start Yes    
Bookmark End Yes    
Bookmark Name Yes    
Bookmark Table Columns N/A    


Comments are exported to rendered formats.

In version 1.0 of comments rendering long or many comments are not truncated.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Comment Yes    
Comment Range Yes    
Author Yes    
Date Yes    
Initial Yes    

Tracking Changes

You may need to accept tracked changes before saving to different formats or else the deleted revisions will still show up in the output document.

Tracked changes are currently not rendered in the way they appear in Microsoft Word. This functionality will be included in a future version of Aspose.Words. At the moment any tracked changes are rendered as plain content and therefore may affect the appearance of the document. For this reason, you may need to accept all revisions before rendering.

In a future version, there will be an option to render the document in any level of “mark up” e.g Final with Markup, Final (without markup) etc.

For now rendering simple insertion, change or deletion revisions can be simulated by applying appropriate run formatting on these revisions before rendering.

See the following link in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
On/Off State Planned    
Table Cell Deletion Planned    
Table Cell Insertion Planned    
Cell Merge or Split Planned    
Run Deletion Planned    
Run Insertion Planned    
Paragraph Deletion Planned    
Paragraph Insertion Planned    
Table Row Deletion Planned    
Table Row Insertion Planned    
Numbering Insertion Planned    
Numbering Change Planned    
Moves Planned    
Paragraph Properties Change Planned    
Run Properties Change Planned    
Section Properties Change Planned    
Table Properties Change Planned    
Cell Properties Change Planned    
Row Properties Change Planned    
RSIDs Session Identifiers Planned RSID ids on revisions are preserved even when converting to different formats.