Aspose.Words for iOS via Xamarin 17.9 Release Notes

Major Features

Aspose.Words for iOS via Xamarin features can be divided into four main areas:

  • Conversions: High quality conversions to and from DOC, OOXML, RTF, WordprocessingML, HTML, MHTML, TXT and OpenDocument formats
  • Document Object Model: Programmatic access through a rich API to all document elements and formatting allows to create, modify, extract, copy, split, join, and replace document content
  • Rendering: Convert whole documents or pages to PDF, XPS, SVG or SWF for server-side document generation. Also convert document pages to PNG, JPEG or EMF images, render pages to CoreGraphics.CGContext. All with high fidelity - exactly like Microsoft Word® would have done it.
  • Reporting: Generate documents or reports from scratch or by filling templates with data from data sources or business objects.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

Key Summary Category
WORDSXIOS-1 Implement porting to Xamarin.iOS. New Feature
WORDSXIOS-9 Aspose.Words with MonoTouch New Feature
WORDSXIOS-10 Analyze what it takes to work Aspose.Words with Xamarin.iOS (Mono) Task