Aspose.Words for .NET 13.2.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for .NET 13.2 Release Notes

What’s New

  • 3D effects are rendered for VML shapes.
  • Shadows are rendered for VML shapes.
  • PDF rendering performance is improved for documents with large JPEG images.
  • DrawingML Charts rendering new features added.
  • DIV elements in HTML are supported.
  • Non-binary OLE objects are supported in ODT.
  • Floating table breaking and positioning improved.
  • Layout of RTL tables and paragraphs improved. 

All Fixes

Key Summary Category
WORDSNET-1773 “DoNotDisplayPageBoundaries” has no effect when save document in DOC format. Bug
WORDSNET-2934 EMF image is rendered improperly. Bug
WORDSNET-5302 Watermark disappears after open/save DOCX document. Bug
WORDSNET-5738 Lists are getting rendered incorrectly on DOCX>DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-6395 Aspose.Words does not load complete text in HTML Bug
WORDSNET-6712 Bottom line of header lost after verticle cell merge and zooming out the doucment Bug
WORDSNET-6847 The indentation of Paragraph is not correct in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-6906 HTML string truncates when converting to RTF Bug
WORDSNET-7341 /row height/ Table’s cell text do not render correctly in output PDF file Bug
WORDSNET-7342 /row height/ Table’s border do not render correctly in output PDF file Bug
WORDSNET-7351 Text in EMF image is shifted towards right in Xps Bug
WORDSNET-7376 UpdateFields doesn’t update the value of a STYLEREF field Bug
WORDSNET-7411 Docx to PDF conversion issue with Pie Chart Bug
WORDSNET-7412 Doc to PDF conversion issue with X-axis title’s alignment Bug
WORDSNET-7461 RTF to fixed file format conversion issue with character rendering Bug
WORDSNET-7487 Table Row/Cell widths are not preserved during DOC to HTML to DOC roundtrip Bug
WORDSNET-7529 ParagraphFormat.LinesToDrop corrupts Table in ODT Bug
WORDSNET-7548 Doc to RTF conversion issue with track changes Bug
WORDSNET-7550 ODT font size problem. Bug
WORDSNET-7551 Doc to HTML conversion issue with image rendering Bug
WORDSNET-7552 Bookmark value is visible in place where ASK field was located Bug
WORDSNET-7558 Cell shading color is not preserved in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-7559 Table content is not preserved during open/save RTF Bug
WORDSNET-7571 Font size is imported incorrectly when it by default (if it open in MSo) Bug
WORDSNET-7589 Shading.BackgroundPatternColor do not save in ODT Bug
WORDSNET-7593 UpdateFields doesn’t format MERGEFIELD values as Ordinals (English Words) Bug
WORDSNET-7599 HtmlSaveOptions.ScaleImageToShapeSize false value is not working Bug
WORDSNET-7601 List Tab Positions are incorrect in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-7615 Docx to PDF conversion issue with axis labels of charts Bug
WORDSNET-7626 Contents are misplaced after conversion from Docx to Fixed file format Bug
WORDSNET-7638 Open/Save a DOCX with Aspose.Words produces a corrupted document Bug
WORDSNET-7652 Table width is not preserved during DOCX>HTML>DOCX roundtrip Bug
WORDSNET-7654 After HTML import table width is different in DOC and DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-7660 Paragraph space after changes after using Document.AppendDocument with UseDestinationStyles Bug
WORDSNET-7668 Shape size is read incrorrectly from XML/DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-7674 DocumentBuilder.InsertImage does not convert a wide image to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-7678 Embedded Excel-Sheet (OLE) convert to picture after using AppendDocument Bug
WORDSNET-7681 DOCX produced by Aspose.Words cannot be opened in MS Word. Bug
WORDSNET-7691 Question marks after list label in HTML Bug
WORDSNET-7698 Font size of superscript character is not preserved during DOCX to HTML to DOCX roundtrip Bug
WORDSNET-7699 PDF page is spilling over to the next page after appending multiple documents Bug
WORDSNET-7706 Paragraph/Text Border is missing when saved to PDF, TIFF, XPS Bug
WORDSNET-7709 Quotes are lost after import of an MHTML document Bug
WORDSNET-7712 Shapes in TIFF become distorted Bug
WORDSNET-7713 Table in Shape is moved towards the left edge of Page in fixed formats Bug
WORDSNET-7714 Content in Cells is moving to other Cells in different Rows in fixed formats Bug
WORDSNET-7715 Document.Unprotect turn off the track changes Bug
WORDSNET-7716 Number formatting is incorrect in Russian culture. Bug
WORDSNET-7718 Special characters typed using the Symbol font are exported to HTML incorrectly Bug
WORDSNET-7720 Position of DrawingML is not preserved in fixed page formats Bug
WORDSNET-7726 Document.Save change the RTF contents to symbols Bug
WORDSNET-7733 RTF produces bad output. Bug
WORDSNET-7738 Border appears around textbox after open/save. Bug
WORDSNET-7742 base64 image is not showing in Chrome and Firefox Bug
WORDSNET-7759 Styles.AddCopy throws exception “duplicate” Bug
WORDSNET-7761 Formatting of currency number is incorrect during MailMerge Bug
WORDSNET-7764 Indentation of nested lists is not correct when importing from HTML Bug
WORDSNET-7770 OddAndEvenPagesHeaderFooter is not preserved when importing Section to another Document Bug
WORDSNET-7782 PageSplitter: Heading occurs first on the page it may have different height compared to the original document Bug
WORDSNET-7784 PageSplitter: If page ends with section break then odd page can be created in output, Bug
WORDSNET-7785 PageSplitter: TOC appearance is different Bug
WORDSNET-7793 Open/Save a DOCM with Aspose.Words produces a corrupted document Bug
WORDSNET-7805 End of Table Rows do not match on Html2Doc2Html Bug
WORDSNET-7814 Thick and shrinked Telugu characters are produced in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7841 Alpha channel is lost using PdfImageCompression.Jpeg Bug
WORDSNET-7845 Header content is lost during open/save ODT Bug
WORDSNET-2257 Shape shadow is lost upon rendering/converting to PDF. Enhancement
WORDSNET-3538 Borders around table are partially lost after open/save. Enhancement
WORDSNET-6062 /asian font substitution/ Doc to PDF conversion issue with Japanese character. Enhancement
WORDSNET-6444 /asian font substitution/ Paragraph spacing needs to be improved during rendering to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-6655 Unable to load document in 11.5.0 version Enhancement
WORDSNET-6704 Bottom border line of image disappears upon converting DOCX to DOC/RTF Enhancement
WORDSNET-6761 RTF to PDF conversio issue with logo Enhancement
WORDSNET-7111 3D effects of Shapes are lost during rendering to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-7155 Floating table is rendering at the wrong page and cutting at the bottom in fixed page formats Enhancement
WORDSNET-7180 /asian font substitution/ Some of the text is having a bold typeface in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-7184 Decide if PrinterSettingsContainer should be public Enhancement
WORDSNET-7437 Remove the dependency for WingDings 2 font while rendering checkboxes in PDF file Enhancement
WORDSNET-7457 Improve axis labels auto rotation algorithm Enhancement
WORDSNET-7488 Translucent shape is rendered lighter than it should. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7555 WORDSNET-6804 Fix incorrect face order Enhancement
WORDSNET-7582 /asian font substitution/ Chinese text is formatted as bold in Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-7596 Saving a DOCX stream to disk using IO.File results in Document corruption Enhancement
WORDSNET-7628 Other\TestBugInFilesFromRK.docx crashes Enhancement
WORDSNET-7644 Cell borders are not preserved in Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-7646 /font substitution/ Special characters are rendered incorrectly while conversion from Doc to fixed file format Enhancement
WORDSNET-7657 Data labels are rendered incorrectly for bars, which height is less than tick size. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7663 A Shape takes place of Paragraphs and moves them towards right page edge Enhancement
WORDSNET-7665 Table is not rendering correctly while conversion from Docx to PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-7703 Refactor virtual list related classes. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7719 Small image boxes in DrawingML nodes are not preserved in fixed formats Enhancement
WORDSNET-7724 /rtl floating table X compensation/ Floating RTL table is not positioned correctly Enhancement
WORDSNET-7725 Update OOXML chart supported features list Enhancement
WORDSNET-7727 Post blog and API changes for this month’s release Enhancement
WORDSNET-7743 Use AttributeConverter instead of direct access to RunPr properties in Layout Enhancement
WORDSNET-7753 Implement support of simple shadows. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7756 PageIndex value is swapped with the Width part of LayoutEnumerator.Rectangle property Enhancement
WORDSNET-7757 PageIndex and Rectangle values of Run nodes returned by LayoutEnumerator are incorrect Enhancement
WORDSNET-7768 Conversion issue in Smart Art Shape Text Enhancement
WORDSNET-7781 Test documents with PageSplitter sample Enhancement
WORDSNET-7791 RenderedDocument class returns incorrect Rendered Last line of Column Enhancement
WORDSNET-7792 LayoutEnumerator returns incorrect number of Columns Enhancement
WORDSNET-7820 Page breaks can cause a second page when content is extracted Enhancement
WORDSNET-7823 Use .ttf extension instead of .odttf for font resources when write FixedXaml Enhancement
WORDSNET-7833 RTL line positioning is incorrect Enhancement
WORDSNET-7840 Create/find tool for validating generated WOFF files. Enhancement
WORDSNET-7844 Last Paragraph of HeaderPrimary is missing when rendering to image formats Enhancement
WORDSNET-7216 Document.UpdateFields throws exception Exception
WORDSNET-7493 UnsupportedFileFormatException occurs when loading a TEXT file into DOM Exception
WORDSNET-7513 Unable to load Docx into Aspose.Words.Document Exception
WORDSNET-7595 Document.UpdateFields method throws exception Exception
WORDSNET-7604 Doc to WordML conversion issue with .wmz data Exception
WORDSNET-7640 Exception while conversion from WordML to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-7672 Aspose.words Digital signature issue at Windows XP Exception
WORDSNET-7686 System.OutOfMemoryException occurs during loading a DOC Exception
WORDSNET-7702 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to fixed page formats Exception
WORDSNET-7711 Document constructor throws exception FileCorruptedException during loading RTF Exception
WORDSNET-7736 Revision.ParentStyle throws System.InvalidOperationException Exception
WORDSNET-7751 Document.UpdateFields throws System.NullReferenceException Exception
WORDSNET-7803 XamlReader.Load throws NullReferenceException when loading XamlFixed Exception
WORDSNET-7821 FileCorruptedException is thrown on load of an HTML document Exception
WORDSNET-4189 Support basic 3D effects of shapes upon rendering. Feature
WORDSNET-5375 Div elements are not supported in the model. Feature
WORDSNET-6804 Support of extrusion effect rendering (lighting and shading) Feature
WORDSNET-6868 Shapes Shadows // WordArt shape is not rendering correctly in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-7244 Support rendering of leader lines upon rendering data labels. Feature
WORDSNET-7354 Support text rotation and direction upon rendering Axis labels. Feature
WORDSNET-7468 Shape shadow effects is not rendered in pdf output Feature
WORDSNET-7609 Hyperlink in PDF is not opened in a new window when specifying ContentDisposition.Inline option Feature
WORDSNET-7696 Support non binary OLE objects (<draw:object>) in ODT Feature
WORDSNET-7710 Aspose.Words renders more Pages than in original Docuement Feature
WORDSNET-7728 Create samples for the new access to page layout feature Feature
WORDSNET-7729 Touch up PageSplitter sample Feature
WORDSNET-7730 Create a sample which demonstrates how to get page numbers of every node in a document Feature
WORDSNET-7731 Create a sample which demonstrates LayoutEnumerator Feature
WORDSNET-7732 Create a sample to add a image to every page without using the header or footer Feature
WORDSNET-7760 /revision marks/ Support revisions in list numbers Feature
WORDSNET-7772 Create a basic wrapper for LayoutEnumerator which provides a object model API Feature
WORDSNET-7780 Provide a way to access content of a TextColumn Feature
WORDSNET-7783 PageSplitter: Heading numbers can be wrong Feature
WORDSNET-7839 Export font subsets in WOFF (Web Open Font Format) Feature
WORDSNET-7842 Implement writer for WOFF format. Feature
WORDSNET-7566 File size of PDF is too big Performance
WORDSNET-7773 Exception while loading Doc file into Aspose.Words.Document. Regression
WORDSNET-7858 RTF to Pdf conversion issue with text rendering using font MS Mincho Regression