Aspose.Words for .NET 14.7.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for .NET 14.7 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 114 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Improvements to DrawingML shadow, extrusion and 3D rendering algorithms New public API to specify revision marks appearance for rendering Vertical text is supported in HTML, MHTML and EPUB Improvements to rendering and line wrapping for Arabic and Far East scripts Improvements to rendering of inline shapes within rotated text

All Changes

Key Summary Category
WORDSNET-10032 Aspose.Words return incorrect values for Paragraph.ParagraphFormat properties Bug
WORDSNET-10080 Word control characters break document formatting when imported from HTML Bug
WORDSNET-10110 Docx-HTML-Docx : CommentRangeStart and CommentRangeEnd position are changed Bug
WORDSNET-10136 Unexpected characters appear in the output documents when importing MHTML Bug
WORDSNET-10157 Setting Table.AllowAutoFit value as false changes the cell’s width Bug
WORDSNET-10222 Table’s border is lost after re-saving the Doc file Bug
WORDSNET-10237 Table in the document body is split into 2 parts in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-10255 Saving a DOC multiple times corrupts Table layout Bug
WORDSNET-10261 Multilingual text rendering issue in Fixed file format (Tiff/Pdf) Bug
WORDSNET-10273 A Shape is not visible in generated PDF Bug
WORDSNET-10300 Contents move to next page after conversion from Doc to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-10309 Document.UpdateFields does not the SUM(ABOVE) field Bug
WORDSNET-10347 Debug.Assert in the block of code which responsible for justification. Bug
WORDSNET-10353 Trim leading/trailing spaces from merge field values during mail merge Bug
WORDSNET-10359 System.InvalidCastException when Document.AcceptAllRevisions method is called Bug
WORDSNET-10361 Bookmark conversion issue with RTF to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-10362 RemoveEmptyParagraphs changes the Paragraph spacing value Bug
WORDSNET-10375 ODT to Docx conversion issue with list items Bug
WORDSNET-10380 Textbox frame overlap the text after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-10385 After resaving the Doc file, # sign is added before hyperlinks Bug
WORDSNET-10386 Arrow (Shape) is changed after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-10394 Docx to Doc conversion issue with table' row formatting Bug
WORDSNET-10412 RTF to HTML conversion issue with OLE object icons Bug
WORDSNET-10425 Error occurs during printing Aspose.Words generated PostScript file Bug
WORDSNET-10434 Paragraphs in a column of table are not preserved during open/save a DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-10452 Header contents are missing after re-saving the ODT Bug
WORDSNET-10457 Table’s cell layout issue while re-saving ODT Bug
WORDSNET-10462 Contents of an iframe element get visible after HTML import Bug
WORDSNET-10463 Table border becomes visible during open/save a DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-10464 Top margin issue after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-10475 A Word is rendered in multiple SPAN tags in HtmlFixed Bug
WORDSNET-10498 HtmlFixed export doesn’t consider Font.Spacing during exporting Bug
WORDSNET-4651 Font becomes bold in a cell in ODT output Bug
WORDSNET-5296 Table looks incorrect in MS Words after open/save ODT document using AW Bug
WORDSNET-6878 TabStop positions are not correctly reflected in HTML Bug
WORDSNET-6997 Support ‘text-align’ style attribute of ul Bug
WORDSNET-7173 margin-bottom attribute in CSS style is not imported into DOM Bug
WORDSNET-7233 Text inside blockquote is not having indent from left in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-7316 Attributes of Normal Style are not preserved during Docx to Html to Docx roundtrip Bug
WORDSNET-7317 Cell content is unexpectedly formatted as bold during Docx to Html to Docx Bug
WORDSNET-7874 ‘Visiblity’ style attribute of div is not preserved when importing HTML Bug
WORDSNET-8775 Docx-Html-Docx round-trip issue with bullet’s text Bug
WORDSNET-8881 Nested order lists are not preserved in output Html Bug
WORDSNET-9582 Text become bold after conversion from Docx to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-9597 Vertical alignment of table’s cell is changed from Bottom to Top after conversion from Html to Docx Bug
WORDSNET-9729 Style margin-left does not work with -ive value while exporting document to Docx Bug
WORDSNET-9820 Text decoration imported from HTML is applied to floating elements Bug
WORDSNET-9821 Formatting of list labels is imported from HTML incorrectly Bug
WORDSNET-9953 Field in footer of document shows error in output Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-10236 /header truncated/ A Table in header is truncated when converting to Pdf Enhancement
WORDSNET-10316 Converting Word to Pdf issue with RTL text Enhancement
WORDSNET-10329 Provide an option to choose the formatting inside HTML or of DocumentBuiler Enhancement
WORDSNET-10341 Footnote/Endnote character appears in the Bookmark in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-10371 The arrow shape has incorrect fill in output document. Enhancement
WORDSNET-10416 Improve font fallback for “MICR Encoding” font Enhancement
WORDSNET-10459 Docx-HTML-Docx : BookmarkStart and BookmarkEnd position are changed Enhancement
WORDSNET-10497 Narrow fonts rendered by Chrome looks wider than computed by AW in HtmlFixed format writer Enhancement
WORDSNET-1633 First list label is formatted incorrectly after import. Enhancement
WORDSNET-2057 Width of table is incorrect when use InsertHtml method. Enhancement
WORDSNET-2320 RowFormat. LeftPadding/ RightPadding causes problem with table width during exporting to HTML. Enhancement
WORDSNET-2646 List label attributes resolved incorrectly Enhancement
WORDSNET-2759 Font is changed from Regular to Italic after inserting HTML to the document. Enhancement
WORDSNET-3516 Table looks improperly in FireFox after expoerting DOCT to HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-3611 Extra column and lines in imported HTML tables Enhancement
WORDSNET-3917 Images are replaced with “red cross” after open/save MHTML document. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4202 Text in DIVs placed incorrectly. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4473 Extra Span with dir=“rtl” is added during HTML export. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4563 Merged cells are not properly imported from HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-4870 Paragraph alignment “Justify Low” is changed to “Justified” after open/save. Enhancement
WORDSNET-5910 Nested list ’s formatting is disturbed Enhancement
WORDSNET-6060 Doc to html conversion problem with tables Enhancement
WORDSNET-6131 DrawingML are misplaced in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-6162 Need to ignore service elements with “display: none” css property on Html import Enhancement
WORDSNET-6195 Aspose.Words for .NET 2.0 and 3.5 DLLs appear to depend on .NET 1.1 Enhancement
WORDSNET-6230 Doc to HTML conversion : Extra characters are present beside the table Enhancement
WORDSNET-6312 Table cell needs to be hidden when exporting style=display:none to DOCX Enhancement
WORDSNET-6597 Doc to Html conversion issue, extra spaces in output file Enhancement
WORDSNET-6694 HTML writer incorrectly determines LocaleId Enhancement
WORDSNET-7054 Tables are cutting at the right edge of page in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-9335 Non-zero space after text inserted with DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml() Enhancement
WORDSNET-10306 InvalidCastException occurs during loading a DOC Exception
WORDSNET-10345 InvalidOperationException occurs when saving to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-10346 InvalidCastException occurs during rendering RTF to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-10357 System.ArithmeticException is thrown while converting ODT to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-10395 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading HTML Exception
WORDSNET-10397 System.ArgumentException occurs when UpdateFields method is called Exception
WORDSNET-10428 System.IO.EndOfStreamException exception is thrown while converting Doc to Pdf Exception
WORDSNET-10442 System.NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-10461 InvalidCastException occurs during rendering a DrawinML Chart to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-10494 Document.AcceptAllRevisions throws System.InvalidCastException Exception
WORDSNET-4232 OutOfMemoryException is thrown upon rendering large HTML Exception
WORDSNET-4233 OutOfMemoryException is thrown upon loading large HTML Exception
WORDSNET-4406 FileCorruptedException is thrown upon loading HTML document. Exception
WORDSNET-10073 /negative page margins/ Line numbers are not rendering for all the lines in PDF pages Feature
WORDSNET-10093 Preserve Different First Page option during DOCX-HTML-DOCX roundtrip Feature
WORDSNET-10210 Add a Priority property to FontSourceBase class Feature
WORDSNET-10218 Add vertical text support to HTML\Epub Feature
WORDSNET-10221 Add vertical text support to HTML Import Feature
WORDSNET-10384 Text color is changed after conversion from ODT to Docx Feature
WORDSNET-2612 Support relative measurement units on import and export Feature
WORDSNET-6194 Provide a way to get the names of mustache fields in a document Feature
WORDSNET-6347 Special characters are rendering as question marks in HTML Feature
WORDSNET-6368 Save images in CMYK color space to PDF Feature
WORDSNET-6616 Table border is lost during importing MHTML Feature
WORDSNET-6829 Incorrect image text wrapping type (inline) on html import Feature
WORDSNET-6891 Consider preserving Cell height during converting HTML to Word documents Feature
WORDSNET-7022 /table grid/ Incorrect table cell width on HTML to Tiff conversion, cell content wraps to the second line Feature
WORDSNET-8948 Preserve Table.StyleName value during Word to Html to Word roundtrip Feature
WORDSNET-9361 Provide options to control as to how Track Changes Text appears in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-9569 Provide an ability to render only the Track Changes Revision Bars in Pdf Feature
WORDSNET-9965 Consider including XML documentation in the NuGet package Feature
WORDSNET-10333 Word to PDF conversion hangs Performance
WORDSNET-10398 Font size increase and text is wrapped to the next line in PDF Regression
WORDSNET-9571 InsertHtml method changes formatting of Heading1 paragraph Regression