Aspose.Words for .NET 16.8.0 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 68 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Huge performance optimization of UpdateFields() and ExecuteWithRegions().
  • Performance optimization of Fonts catch.
  • Support loading of Mobi (Mobipocket) documents (MOBI is an eBook format used by the MobiPocket and Amazon Kindle Readers).
  • Shapes with the translucent fill rendering implemented in PDF and other fixed-page formats. Opacity parameter is now taken into account.
  • New base class FixedPageSaveOptions added for all fixed page formats e.g. PNG, PDF, HTML and many others.
  • Over a dozen of fixes and improvements over model and flow formats.
  • Hijri/Lunar, Hebrew Calendar Date Field option supported.
  • The analogue of NEXT fields is added to LINQ Reporting Engine.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

Key Summary Category
WORDSNET-10377 List items are rendered incorrectly. Bug
WORDSNET-12765 Shape has wrong position after export to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-13450 Incorrect generic font name is exported to EPUB for a missing font Bug
WORDSNET-13548 Tables layout corrupted during open/save a DOC Bug
WORDSNET-13666 Problem converting DOC to PDF with transparent image inside doc Bug
WORDSNET-13682 List numbers are changed after re-saving RTF Bug
WORDSNET-13701 Rotated image on Linux (Mono) during DOCX to HTML conversion Bug
WORDSNET-13764 Space after paragraph disappears in AW pdf, docx output. Bug
WORDSNET-13787 Problems in arabic language direction during HTML to DOCX conversion Bug
WORDSNET-13792 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with GroupShape rendering Bug
WORDSNET-13795 The rule “Allow hanging punctuation” is processed improperly if a line ends by several spaces. Bug
WORDSNET-13797 Mismatch in table styles when the docx converted to pdf Bug
WORDSNET-13823 The ROUND function works incorrectly with negative arguments Bug
WORDSNET-13832 Unnecessary text appears after re-saving mhtml Bug
WORDSNET-13842 Date field not transformed correctly if used Hijri/Lunar Calendar Bug
WORDSNET-13850 Chinese words are rotated in HtmlFixed format Bug
WORDSNET-13855 document.UpdatePageLayout throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException Bug
WORDSNET-13859 LayoutCollector.GetEndPageIndex throws InvalidOperationException Bug
WORDSNET-13866 Last page missing when appending document Bug
WORDSNET-13868 Bar chart labels overlap bars in the PDF Bug
WORDSNET-13869 Charts Leader lines are not rendering correctly in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-13902 Generated html has white font color and misplaced images Bug
WORDSNET-13960 Hyperlink.Result update => lost link formatting (font size, link color) Bug
WORDSNET-13961 Few words show as bold incorrectly in the PDF output Bug
WORDSNET-13962 ListLabel.LabelValue is rendered incorrectly in Odt and Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-13977 Docx to pdf conversion issue with chart rendering Bug
WORDSNET-13982 Document.UpdateFields does not update TOC field’s number Bug
WORDSNET-13986 Hebrew date field renders incorrectly in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-14017 ‘::after’ pseudo-element is imported incorrectly from HTML Bug
WORDSNET-14056 Comments numbering are changed when show revision in the balloons Bug
WORDSNET-14069 When Chart object in Word document is converted to .jpg image, highest value in axis is different Bug
WORDSNET-14083 Consider SpanFormField as RTL when the field start marker is RTL Bug
WORDSNET-6933 /vml/ Shapes are laid out incorrectly in DOC on HTML import Bug
WORDSNET-8441 RTL text of HTML Fixed Page document is reordered when copied to Clipboard Bug
WORDSNET-9658 Formula (Equation.DSMT4) background color is lost after conversion from Docx to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-13188 Extract many duplicate options from Fixed-page based save formats to one abstract class. Enhancement
WORDSNET-13952 Index is loosing style(italic) information.when convert rtf to docx Enhancement
WORDSNET-7762 Use the Hijri/Lunar calendar field option has no effect in PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-10055 Throw a meaningful exception during Range.Replace callback Exception
WORDSNET-13555 Exception is thrown in VmlShapeReader while reading VML shape Exception
WORDSNET-13745 java.lang.NullPointerException occurs upon converting to HTML Exception
WORDSNET-13816 System.InvalidCastException is thrown while conversion of Docx to pdf. Exception
WORDSNET-13889 ArgumentException is thrown while saving to png Exception
WORDSNET-13900 System.InvalidCastException is thrown while loading Docx Exception
WORDSNET-13901 ArgumentOutOfRangeException on Section.Clone operation Exception
WORDSNET-13909 MailMerge.ExecuteWithRegions throws System.InvalidOperationException Exception
WORDSNET-13912 Document.ImportNode throws System.NullReferenceException Exception
WORDSNET-13924 System.NullReferenceException occurs during converting DOC to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-13925 System.NullReferenceException occurs during converting DOC to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-13926 System.NullReferenceException occurs during converting DOC to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-13951 Document.Save throws System.InvalidCastException Exception
WORDSNET-13957 Document.Save throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Exception
WORDSNET-13964 Node.ToString(SaveFormat.Html) throws System.IndexOutOfRangeException Exception
WORDSNET-13971 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading Html Exception
WORDSNET-13992 System.NullReferenceException is thrown while saving Docx to Html Exception
WORDSNET-13996 Word doc with MERGEFORMAT template variables failing to convert to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-14006 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading Docx Exception
WORDSNET-14019 System.NullReferenceException occurs during converting DOCX to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-14089 System.InvalidOperationException assertion occured while saving document to HTML format Exception
WORDSNET-10041 Consider exporting editable TextBox Shape to HTML Feature
WORDSNET-13084 root/ Support loading of Mobi (Mobipocket) documents Feature
WORDSNET-13563 Add support of Next field in Linq Reporting Engine Feature
WORDSNET-13389 Improve Inline.Font.Hidden property performance Performance
WORDSNET-13835 Out of memory exception occurs during rendering to HTML Performance
WORDSNET-13837 Timeout was reached upon rendering to PDF Performance
WORDSNET-13958 Docx to Doc conversion takes much time Performance
WORDSNET-13997 Aspose Words 16.6 UpdateFields() and ExecuteWithRegions() Performance problem Performance
WORDSNET-14013 Value in calculated textbox is not exported to PDF with Aspose.Words Regression

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

This section lists public API changes that were introduced in Aspose.Words 16.8.0. It includes not only new and obsoleted public methods, but also a description of any changes in the behavior behind the scenes in Aspose.Words which may affect existing code. Any behavior introduced that could be seen as a regression and modifies existing behavior is especially important and is documented here.

Added HtmlLoadOptions.SupportVml public property

WORDSNET-6933 is resolved and we have added new public property to HtmlLoadOptions class:

/// <summary>
/// Specifies HTML parser to parse conditional comments exactly like &lt;!--[if gte vml 1]&gt;
/// and not to parse conditional comments exactly like &lt;![if !vml]&gt;.
/// </summary>
public bool SupportVml
    get { return mSupportVml; }
    set { mSupportVml = value; }

Added HtmlSaveOptions.ExportTextBoxAsSvg public property

WORDSNET-10041 is resolved and we have added new public property to HtmlSaveOptions class:

/// <summary>
/// Controls how textboxes represented by <see cref="Drawing.Shape"/> are saved to HTML, MHTML or EPUB. 
/// Default value is <c>false</c>.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// <p>When set to <c>true</c>, exports textboxes as inline <b>&lt;svg&gt;</b> elements. 
/// When <c>false</c>, exports as <b>&lt;img&gt;</b> elements.</p>
/// </remarks>
public bool ExportTextBoxAsSvg
    get { return mSaveImageOptions.TextBoxAsSvg; }
    set { mSaveImageOptions.TextBoxAsSvg = value; }

HtmlLoadOptions public class is introduced

WORDSNET-6933 is resolved and HtmlLoadOptions class is a subclass of LoadOptions and should be used instead of LoadOptions whenever specific options are needed to be set when loading HTML document. Currently HtmlLoadOptions class has two properties:

/// <summary>
/// Specifies HTML parser to parse conditional comments exactly like &lt;!--[if gte vml 1]&gt;
/// and not to parse conditional comments exactly like &lt;![if !vml]&gt;.
/// </summary>
public bool SupportVml
    get { return mSupportVml; }
    set { mSupportVml = value; }
/// <summary>
/// The number of milliseconds to wait before the web request times out. The default value is 100000 milliseconds (100 seconds).
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// The number of milliseconds that Aspose.Words waits for a response, when loading external resources (images, style sheets)
/// linked in HTML and MHTML documents.
/// </remarks>
public new int WebRequestTimeout
    get { return mWebRequestTimeout; }
    set { mWebRequestTimeout = value; }

Base property LoadOptions.WebRequestTimeout is marked as obsolete and will be removed in several releases. If you need to specify web request timeout use HtmlLoadOptions.WebRequestTimeout property.

Use case:

HtmlLoadOptions htmlLoadOptions = new HtmlLoadOptions();
htmlLoadOptions.SupportVml = true;
htmlLoadOptions.WebRequestTimeout = 1000;
Document doc = new Document("Test.html", htmlLoadOptions);

WORDSNET-13188 Changes in save options of fixed page formats

\1. Now all save option classes of fixed page formats (HtmlFixedSaveOptions, ImageSaveOptions, PdfSaveOptions, PsSaveOptions, SvgSaveOptions, SwfSaveOptions, XamlFixedSaveOptions and XpsSaveOptions) are inherited from the new public abstract class FixedPageSaveOptions.

\2. The MetafileRenderingOptions property has become available in the SwfSaveOptions class:

/// <summary>
/// Allows to specify metafile rendering options.
/// </summary>
public MetafileRenderingOptions MetafileRenderingOptions { get; }

\3. The JpegQuality property has become available in the XamlFixedSaveOptions and XpsSaveOptions classes:

/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets a value determining the quality of the JPEG images inside Html document.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// <para>Has effect only when a document contains JPEG images.</para>
/// <p>Use this property to get or set the quality of the images inside a document when saving in fixed page format.
/// The value may vary from 0 to 100 where 0 means worst quality but maximum compression and 100
/// means best quality but minimum compression.</p>
/// <p>The default value is 95.</p>
/// </remarks>
public int JpegQuality { get; set; }

Jpeg quality was 100 for the XAML and XPS formats in the previous version. Now its default value is 95 to unify with the other formats (except PDF).

The analogue of NEXT fields is added to LINQ Reporting Engine

The “Forcing Movement to Next Item within Data Band” section of the engine’s documentation was added to describe the change