Aspose.Words for .NET 18.12 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 96 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Implemented WMF fonts scaling, according to metafile size on the page, and public option to control it (MetafileRenderingOptions.ScaleWmfFontsToMetafileSize).
  • Improved the default font fallback mechanism to better fit the MW behavior.
  • Optimized metafile from SVG rendering to skip redundant line segments.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when rendering metafiles filled with gradient.
  • Fixed a bug with the order of legend items of the stacked DrawingML chart when rendering.
  • Fixed a bug with text clipping when rendering the DrawingML charts.
  • Fixed a bug with rendering of minor tick marks and clipping the rightmost bar of DrawingML charts.
  • Fixed a bug with rendering data labels for points, located on the border of the DrawingML chart plot area.
  • Implemented support for RTL comments rendering, e.g. Arabic.
  • Improved hyphenation logic for multiple cases.
  • Improved page numbering for sections starting in new columns.
  • Improved table row alignment.
  • Improved tab stop calculations with paragraph indents.
  • Improved table breaking logic for numerous complex cases.
  • Improved handling of character compression within mixed ltr/rtl text.
  • Fixed exception in rare case when field update causes line to contain only zero length spans.
  • Fixed exception in rare case when floating object is pushed beyond empty column.
  • Fixed layout when tables merge over the hidden paragraph.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

Key Summary Category
WORDSNET-17415 Font of text is changed after conversion from DOCX to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-17202 Table’s cell is lost after conversion from DOCX to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-17601 DOCX to PDF conversion issue with chart rendering Bug
WORDSNET-17627 Header not rendered Bug
WORDSNET-14102 Hyphenation in Aspose.Words pdf output is different from MS Word Bug
WORDSNET-14751 Position of hyphen is different when converting Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-17588 Content is moved beyond the page Bug
WORDSNET-2163 INCLUDEPICTURE is lost during DOC to DOCX, WML and RTF conversion Bug
WORDSNET-14852 Invalid license signature error on calling License.SetLicense method Bug
WORDSNET-11900 Docx to Pdf conversion issue rotated text of Shape Bug
WORDSNET-10735 Table widths are not correct in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-5013 Part of content is moved to previous page upon rendering. Bug
WORDSNET-5473 Size of image inserted using INCLUDEPICTURE field is changed after converting to DOC Bug
WORDSNET-5689 Image CSS style is ignored and the image is rendered full size in the word Bug
WORDSNET-3979 Content controls linked to custom xml properties filled from SharePoint metadata are empty on conversion to pdf and doc (sdt) Bug
WORDSNET-17590 Different Foreign Language texts rendering as square boxes in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-15141 When converting DOC to PDF, bookmarks for TOT (Table Of Tables) & TOF (Table Of Figures) are not created Bug
WORDSNET-8982 Incorrect shape width when word wrap is OFF in text box properties Bug
WORDSNET-16767 Aspose.Words v18.3.0: NullReferenceExeption when saving table Bug
WORDSNET-17641 Invalid order of chart legend items after conversion to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-15924 The picture rendered incorrectly in PDF output Bug
WORDSNET-17646 Specifying MsWordVersion.Word2016 of OptimizeFor does not respect ResourceLoadingAction.Skip during saving to DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-17493 NullReferenceException while saving to mhtml Bug
WORDSNET-17617 Arabic text is rendered as reversed in output PDF Bug
WORDSNET-11408 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with table’s width Bug
WORDSNET-17573 DOCX to PDF - content moved Bug
WORDSNET-17761 DOCX to PDF - content on page 2 is hidden Bug
WORDSNET-17426 MHTML to PDF - indented email text becomes single column Bug
WORDSNET-17642 Text of the chart user shape is clipped after converting to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-17643 The last data label is not rendered after converting to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-17652 DOCX to PDF/Jpeg conversion issue with Hindi font Bug
WORDSNET-17051 Content overlaps in generated PDF Bug
WORDSNET-16987 Document.getText() and Document.toString(SaveFormat.TEXT) do not return Text of EQ field Bug
WORDSNET-17271 Chart.Title.Text returns incorrect value Bug
WORDSNET-9534 Header hight with dynamically growing content is incorrerct in Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8993 Problem with image alignment while converting to mhtml or html file Bug
WORDSNET-17625 Export width in percent for horizontal rules with images Bug
WORDSNET-17624 Issue with horizontal rule indentation when converting DOCX to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-4663 Font size in a table cell is changed during rendering Bug
WORDSNET-15250 SDT position is wrong after AcceptAllRevisions Bug
WORDSNET-1721 Put evaluation marks above all other contents Bug
WORDSNET-15409 Arrow Shape do not render correctly after DML-to-VML conversion Bug
WORDSNET-17663 UpdateFields method recreates bookmarks used in the ToC Bug
WORDSNET-17654 Document.UpdateFields does not update the TOC field Bug
WORDSNET-17759 PDF is converted from DOCX as raw XML fragment Bug
WORDSNET-17547 DOCX to PDF conversion issue with Hyphenation Bug
WORDSNET-13540 Import INCLUDEPICTURE field correctly when document is imported from stream Bug
WORDSNET-15336 Incorrect floating table break in 2013 mode Bug
WORDSNET-15395 Table rendering issue in resultant PDF document Bug
WORDSNET-17600 DOCX to PDF - table split over two pages instead of one Bug
WORDSNET-17628 Arc does not render correctly in output PDF Bug
WORDSNET-8187 Performance issue while converting MHTL file into Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-17764 AcceptAllRevisions removes content Bug
WORDSNET-15445 SDTs of move-from range are not removed after accepting revisions Bug
WORDSNET-12683 Shape’s text is truncated after saving Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-17674 DOCX to PDF, chart bars are overlapped Bug
WORDSNET-17474 Negative font spacing is not preserved after HTML round-trip Enhancement
WORDSNET-17589 Table rows not aligned Enhancement
WORDSNET-15047 Converting DOC to PDF moves some Table Rows to right Enhancement
WORDSNET-16534 Word to PDF Table Alignment Issue Enhancement
WORDSNET-17294 Remove public API method ‘SetAsDefault’ from LoadOptions.LanguagePreferences Enhancement
WORDSNET-17760 DOCX to PDF - invalid page count in the header Enhancement
WORDSNET-17216 Page numbers in footer not correct in rendered PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-16448 Font size depend on metafile bbox aspect ratio Enhancement
WORDSNET-17619 DOCX to PDF - tables split across two pages Enhancement
WORDSNET-17577 DefaultFontName setting is not working for saving into HTML Enhancement
WORDSNET-8985 Floating table overlaps text when anchor is pushed to the next column Enhancement
WORDSNET-4989 Position of floating table is incorrect. Enhancement
WORDSNET-17088 Legends stretched on diagram when converted to PDF. Enhancement
WORDSNET-17621 Null reference exception when converting Word docx to Pdf Exception
WORDSNET-17595 Extracting bookmark content throws exception Exception
WORDSNET-17762 NRE exception raises while rendering to PDF output Exception
WORDSNET-17094 System.InvalidCastException is thrown while loading RTF Exception
WORDSNET-17783 Document.Compare throws System.InvalidCastException because of SpecialChar Exception
WORDSNET-17791 An exception raises while saving the document to the Strict Open XML format - ‘Unknown attribute’ Exception
WORDSNET-17766 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a RTF Exception
WORDSNET-17671 Exception when converting a docx with a Visio object to pdf Exception
WORDSNET-17789 An exception raises while saving the document to the Strict Open XML format Exception
WORDSNET-17637 Document.UpdatePageLayout method throws System.NullReferenceException Exception
WORDSNET-1450 There is no rotation when open the document in the below version of 2003 Feature
WORDSNET-5396 Create a demo which allows the user to upload a document and convert it to any supported format Feature
WORDSNET-9197 Release Aspose.Words for C++ Feature
WORDSNET-1188 Difficulties when accessing field names returned by MailMerge.GetFieldNames Feature
WORDSNET-1289 Support page number field formatting in Model Feature
WORDSNET-17733 Removing colon between empty MERGEFIELDs Feature
WORDSNET-16843 Render Comments in Arabic Language mode Feature
WORDSNET-8518 Allow insertion of Custom Fields using DocumentBuilder.InsertField method Feature
WORDSNET-13343 Analyze what it takes to make Aspose.Words for Windows Universal 10 App (UWP) Feature
WORDSNET-8702 Add members to LoadFormat and SaveFormat enumerations for Strict Open XML Document (.docx) format Feature
WORDSNET-11588 Support Windows Store App (Windows Runtime/WinRT) Feature
WORDSNET-13332 Provide an API to read and update SDT to CustomXML properties Feature
WORDSNET-15158 Tables rendered one over the another after conversion doc to pdf Feature
WORDSNET-118 Make it possible to insert section or document at merge field or bookmark Feature
WORDSNET-17304 Investigation - slow save to PDF after mail merge Performance
WORDSNET-17650 Some symbols turn into rectangles in PDF Regression
WORDSNET-10756 Image and table misalignment during rendering/printing Regression

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

This section lists public API changes that were introduced in Aspose.Words 18.12. It includes not only new and obsoleted public methods, but also a description of any changes in the behavior behind the scenes in Aspose.Words which may affect existing code. Any behavior introduced that could be seen as a regression and modifies existing behavior is especially important and is documented here.

hideMark Handling Changed to Match MS Word 2016 Behavior When Converting to Fixed-Page Formats

WORDSNET-17619 has been resolved.

A customer complained about differences between Aspose.Words pdf output and MS Word layout.

Upon analysis it turned out that Aspose.Words output matches MS Word behavior for older versions (up to MS Word 2013).

The customer expected the behavior to match MS Word 2016.

The difference is in handling how hideMark element in a table cell influences the cell height. In fact, the behavior that the customer complains about was introduced intentionally per several other JIRA issues submitted for other customers earlier.

Because of different hideMark handling, the cell height is different for a number of cases when invisible contents are present in the cell.

As the current policy is to emulate MS Word 2016 behavior, the changes will essentially roll back some special handling of the above cases when calculating table cell height in presence of hideMark.

The changes may be perceived as a breakage by customers still using MS Word versions before MS Word 2016.

MS Word 2016 Behavior Imitated for Some Special Cases with Continuous and “new column” Section Breaks

.WORDSNET-17760 has been resolved.

Aspose.Words behavior was changed to match MS Word 2016 for some situations with continuous and “new column” section breaks. The changes affect conversion to fixed-page formats. The behavior changed for computing page numbers and for providing of an empty facing page when adjacent pages have the same oddity.

It turned out that some of the implemented logic is different between MS Word 2016 and MS Word 2013. Because of that, the changes may look like a breakage if a user expects Aspose.Words behavior to match MS Word 2013 or an earlier version.

Added WMF Fonts Scaling According to Metafile Size on the Page and Public Option to Control it

New public property was added to MetafileRenderingOptions class:

/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets a value determining whether or not to scale fonts in WMF metafile according to metafile size on the page.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// When WMF metafiles are displayed in MS Word, fonts may be scaled according to actual metafile size on the page.
/// When this value is set to <c>true</c>, Aspose.Words emulates font scaling according to metafile size on the page.
/// When this value is set to <c>false</c>, Aspose.Words displays the fonts as metafile is rendered to its default size.
/// This option is used only when metafile is rendered as vector graphics.
/// The default value is <c>true</c>.
/// </remarks>
public bool ScaleWmfFontsToMetafileSize

Removed Obsolete Public API Method ‘SetAsDefault’ from LoadOptions.LanguagePreferences

WORDSNET-17294 has been resolved.

Removed obsolete public API method ‘SetAsDefault’ from LoadOptions.LanguagePreferences:

// Sets default editing language.
[Obsolete("Please use LanguagePreferences.DefaultEditingLanguage property instead.")]
public void SetAsDefault(EditingLanguage language)

Please use LanguagePreferences.DefaultEditingLanguage property instead:

Added a Public Property HtmlSaveOptions.ResolveFontNames

WORDSNET-17577 has been resolved.

A new option HtmlSaveOptions.ResolveFontNames has been added that affects writing of font names to HTML-based formats. By default this option is set to false and, as before, Aspose.Words writes font names as specified in the source document, ignoring Document.FontSettings. If this option is set to true, Aspose.Words resolves all font names before writing them to HTML. That is, it checks availability of each font using Document.FontSettings and substitutes unavailable fonts if needed.

Obsolete Property AllowTrailingWhitespaceForListItems was Removed from LoadOptions Class

Obsolete property AllowTrailingWhitespaceForListItems was removed from LoadOptions class.

Please, use TxtLoadOptions.DetectNumberingWithWhitespaces instead.