Document Features Supported on DOC Export


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Attached Template Yes    
Built-In Properties Yes Built-in properties such as word and character count are updated using Aspose.Words but are not updated automatically on save.

Instead you need to explictly update these properties using the appropriate Document member. We will add automatic update of these properties in a future version.
- Document.UpdateWordCount
Custom Properties Yes    
Custom Payload Part N/A    
Custom XML Data Storage Yes    
Digital Signature Planned Signing a DOC document with a digital signatures is not yet supported.

Note that an existing signature on a document cannot be retained as by nature the document has been changed during import.
Embedded Package Yes

Embedded packages are generally supported by Aspose.Words. There are two ways documents can be embedded inside other documents:

- OLE (this is available in DOC and OOXML formats)

- Package Embedding (available in OOXML only)

Aspose.Words supports these in the following ways:

If you have an OLE embedded or linked object it will be preserved during any conversion (e.g. DOC to DOCX or DOCX to DOC etc).

If you have a Package Embedded document, then it will only be preserved during DOCX to DOCX conversion.

There is no way to save a Package Embedded document from DOCX into a DOC file without converting it into an OLE embedded object. Implementing conversion of Package Embedded to OLE is tricky and it will take a while to implement.

OLE objects contain “native data” and are supposed to be created by the actual OLE creating application. We at Aspose.Words have never attempted or planned to replace the behavior of OLE creating applications.

Encryption Yes You can encrypt a DOC document on save by specifying the password using the DocSaveOptions class. - DocSaveOptions.Password
Font Table Yes    
Glossary Document/Quick Parts/Auto Text Planned    
Hyphenation Yes    
Key Map Customizations Yes    
Mail Merge Recipient Data Yes    
Office Math Planned It is planned to export Office Math as an image to formats that do not have native support for it.  
Themes Yes Properties of themes are converted to direct formatting upon save.

Not all properties may be maintained at the moment.
Toolbar Customizations Yes    
Variables Yes    
VBA Project (Macro) Yes VBA Projects are preserved during open and save to different formats that support them.

DOC format supports macros. You can optionally remove existing macros from a document by using the Document.RemoveMacros method.
- Document.RemoveMacros
VBA Project Digital Signature Yes The digital signature on a VBA Project is preserved during open and save even if the document content is modified.  
Background Yes    
Thumbnail Planned    

Embedded Fonts

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Embedding Fonts Yes Embedded fonts in DOC are only preserved when saving round-trip back to DOC.  
Embed Only Non-Standard Fonts N/A    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Bibliography Planned    
Sources/Citations Planned    
Citation Style Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Allow Only Comments Yes    
Allow Only Form Fields Yes    
Allow Only Revisions Yes    
Limit Formatting to Selection of Styles Planned    
Protection Password (Legacy) Yes    
Protection Password (OOXML) N/A    
Protected Sections Yes    
Protection Ranges Planned Currently protected ranges are lost upon import.  
Read Only Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Asian Typography Settings Yes    
Compatibility Options Yes Compatibility Options can influence how the document content is appears. These are properly retained during conversion to DOC.  
Endnote Options Yes    
Footnote Options Yes    
Mail Merge Settings Yes    
Print Settings Yes    
Show/Hide Settings Yes    
View Settings Yes    
Web Settings Yes    
XML Settings Yes