Drawing Object Features Supported on PDF Export


Feature Supported Comment See Also
PNG Yes    
JPG Yes    
WMF Yes There is a save option to control exporting metafiles to PDF as vector images or to rasterize them first. - PdfSaveOptions.MetafileRenderingOptions
EMF Yes    
EMF+ Yes    
BMP Yes    
GIF Yes    
TIFF Yes    
Borders Yes    
Cropping Yes    
Alternative text Planned It is planned to export alternative text to PDF if the input image cannot be located during rendering.  

Image Recoloring

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Brightness Yes    
Contrast Yes    
Recolor Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Text Direction Yes    
Linked Textboxes Planned Linked text boxes are currently unsupported when rendering to PDF.  
Internal Margins Yes    
Vertical Alignment Yes    
Resize To Fit Text Yes    
Text in Other Shapes Yes    

OLE Objects

OLE Objects represent embedded content in a Microsoft Word document, such as an embedded Excel or Powerpoint document. The OLE object is dynamic and can be edited or updated through Microsoft Word.

OLE objects are fully preserved when converting within different Word document formats.

OLE objects are saved as images.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Linked N/A    
Embedded N/A    
Draw Aspect N/A    
Auto Update N/A    
Lock N/A    
Ole Object Data N/A    
Ole Object Picture Yes    
Source Range N/A    

ActiveX Controls

Output as a regular image.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Persistent Properties Storage N/A    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Lines Yes    
Basic Shapes Yes    
Block Arrows Yes    
Flowcharts Yes    
Callouts Yes    
Stars and Banners Yes    
Group Shape Yes    
Drawing Canvas Yes    
Signature Line N/A PDF does not have any signature line feature. A signature line is exported as a regular image.

Only the original part of the signature is exported, any signed component of the signature is not rendered.
Ink Annotation Yes Ink Annotations are exported to all formats as regular images.  
Clip Art Yes    
Diagrams (VML) Yes VML graphic format is normally used in pre-OOXML formats such as DOC or RTF.  
SmartArt (VML) Yes    
Charts (VML) Yes    
Shape Customizations Yes    
Hyperlink on Shape Yes    
Watermark Yes A watermark in a Microsoft Word document is actually a text shape or image centered in the middle of the page but in the header or footer. This allows the watermark to appear behind all content and as faded.  


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Styles Yes    
Outline Yes    
Fill Yes    
3D Properties Planned    
Text Spacing Planned    
Vertical Text Planned Exported as rotated text.  
Even Height Planned    
Align and Justify Text Planned    
WordArt Shape Yes Only some shapes are supported.  

Horizontal Line Object

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Width Yes    
Height Yes    
Color Yes    
Alignment Yes    
Hyperlink Yes Hyperlink preserved on export to PDF.  
Image Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Inline Yes    
Floating Yes Floating content is exported well during rendering.

Currently floating shapes may not be properly positioned when anchor is nested in a cell, belongs to a wrapped line or belongs to a paragraph with first/hanging indents, or to a 2nd column on the page, and other advanced layouts. This may cause some content to overlap in the rendered output.

This is being worked on and improvements are included with each release.
Wrap Type Yes

Text wrapping around images and shapes is supported in all formats.

The following wrap types are fully supported upon rendering:

- Square

- Top and Bottom

- Behind Text

- Infront of Text

- Inline with Text

The following wrap types are currently unsupported:

- Tight

- Through

These wrap types are rare and most of the time do not have any visible difference when compared to Square wrapping. The only time you really see differences if text is wrapped around complex objects e.g a Star shaped AutoShape.

These two wrap types will be supported in a future version. Currently they are exported as “Square” wrapping which produces very close output.

Wrap Sides Planned Both sides is the only Wrap Sides option supported at the moment.

Other types such as Left Only, Right Only, Largest Only are currently unsupported as are exported as “Both sides” wrapping.

These wrap types will be supported in a future version.
Distance from Text Yes    
Z-Order Yes    
Polygon Wrap Points Planned Custom wrap points are lost on export. This will be implemented in a future version.

Exported as “Square” wrap type.
Rotation Yes    
Flip Yes    
Horizontal Alignment Yes    
Horizontal Position Relative To Yes    
Vertical Alignment Yes    
Vertical Position Relative To Yes    
Anchor Lock N/A    
Allow Overlap Yes    
Layout in Table Cell Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Width and Height Yes    
Scale Yes A scaled object is normally exported with scaling applied to the Shape size and the Scale property reset to 100%.  
Relative Size Yes    
Lock Aspect Ratio Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
No Fill Yes    
Solid Fill Yes    
Gradient Fill Yes    
Pattern Fill Yes    
Picture or Texture Fill Yes    

Line Style

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Line Color Yes    
Line Fill Yes    
Line Width Yes    
Compound Type Yes    
Dash Type Yes    
Cap Type Yes    
Join Type Yes    
Arrow Settings Yes    


Shadow on shape is currently lost upon rendering to PDF.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Shadow Planned    

3D Properties

3D properties are currently lost upon rendering.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
3D Properties Planned