Field Features Supported on HTML Import

Field Codes

Only form fields and hyperlinks are importing from HTML as dynamic fields. Other fields are imported from HTML as plain text. There are plans to try make some fields round-trip capable back to Word document formats by adding extra markup to the output HTML. There are also plans to import of fields from HTML by allowing the user to define a custom syntax that is imported into the model as a working field. See the following links in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Field Codes Yes    

Date and Time

Feature Supported Comment See Also
CreateDate N/A    
Date N/A    
EditTime N/A    
PrintDate N/A    
SaveDate N/A    
Time N/A    

Document Automation

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Compare N/A    
DocVariable N/A    
GoToButton N/A    
If N/A    
MacroButton N/A    
Print N/A    

Document Information

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Author N/A    
Comments N/A    
DocProperty N/A    
FileName N/A    
FileSize N/A    
Info N/A    
Keywords N/A    
LastSavedBy N/A    
NumChars N/A    
NumPages N/A    
NumWords N/A    
Subject N/A    
Template N/A    
Title N/A    

Equations and Formulas

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Formula N/A    
Advance N/A    
Eq N/A    
Symbol N/A    

Form Fields

Form fields are fully supported by Aspose.Words. There is an option to export form fields as dynamic fields in HTML as <input> and <select> tags or to export them as plain text. Only <input> and <select> tags are imported back as fields. The input types that have direct Microsoft Word analogs are imported as working form fields. Radio and image input elements are imported as image shapes and are non-clickable. Input elements attributed with hidden or disabled are not imported. See the following links in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
TextInput Yes Imported from <input type=“text password file” name=“XXX” />.

- FormField.TextInputDefault

- FormField.TextInputFormat

CheckBox Yes Imported from <input type=“checkbox” name=“XXX” /> - FormField.Type
DropDown Yes Imported from <select name=“XXX” />. Each item in the list is imported from <option> child elements. <optgroup> tag is not supported.

Multiselect list attribute is ignored as there is no analog in Microsoft Word drop down lists.

- FormField.DropDownItems

- FormField.DropDownSelectedIndex

Calc On Exit N/A    
Checked Planned Will be mported from checked=“checked” attribute on <input>. - FormField.Checked
Default Value Yes With text form fields this is imported from value=“XXX” attribute on <input> tag.

With a drop down list, this is imported form the <option> element which has selected=“selected” attribute.
- FormField.TextInputDefault
Enabled Planned The “disabled” attribute can be used here. - FormField.Enabled
Entry and Exit Macro N/A    
Name Yes Imported from the name attribute on <input> or <select> element. - FormField.Name
Help Text Planned The “alt” attribute can be used. - FormField.HelpText
Status Text Planned   - FormField.StatusText
Max Length Yes Exported as maxlength attribute. - FormField.MaxLength
Check Box Size Planned There are plans to use width and height CSS attributes to increase size of checkboxes exported to HTML.

- FormField.CheckBoxSize

- FormField.IsCheckBoxExactSize

Text Input Type Planned   - FormField.TextInputType

Index and Tables

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Index N/A    
RD N/A    
TA N/A    
TC N/A    
TOA (Table of Authorities) N/A    
TOC (Table of Contents) N/A Hyperlinked entries are imported as working hyperlinks but the entire content is not imported as a TOC field.  
XE N/A    
Feature Supported Comment See Also
AutoText N/A    
AutoTextList N/A    
Bibliography N/A    
Citation N/A    
Hyperlink Yes This field is fully supported. No update of this field is required.  
IncludePicture N/A Imported as a regular image.  
IncludeText N/A    
Link N/A    
NoteRef N/A    
PageRef N/A    
Quote N/A    
Ref N/A    
StyleRef N/A    

Mail Merge

Feature Supported Comment See Also
AddressBlock N/A    
Ask N/A    
Compare N/A    
Database N/A    
Fill-in N/A    
GreetingLine N/A    
If N/A    
MergeField N/A    
MergeRec N/A    
MergeSeq N/A    
Next N/A    
NextIf N/A    
Set N/A    
SkipIf N/A    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
AutoNum N/A    
AutoNumLgl N/A    
AutoNumOut N/A    
BarCode N/A    
ListNum N/A    
Page N/A    
RevNum N/A    
Section N/A    
SectionPages N/A    
Seq N/A    

User Information

Feature Supported Comment See Also
UserAddress N/A    
UserInitials N/A    
UserName N/A    

Aspose.Words fully supports all features of hyperlink fields. You can create new hyperlinks by using the DocumentBuilder class. You can also find and edit hyperlinks inside the DOM and change the address of an existing hyperlink. Imported from <a> element. Several different objects can have hyperlinks imported from this element. The most common is plain text which is imported a regular hyperlink. If the <a> element has image as a child then the hyperlink is imported on Shape node. See the following links in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Text Yes    
Hyperlinked Shape or Image Yes    
Hyperlink across Multiple Paragraphs N/A Hyperlinks across multiple paragraphs are exported as separate hyperlinks. On round-trip these are imported as several separate hyperlinks.  
Hyperlink to a Local Bookmark Yes    
Hyperlink to an External Resource Yes    
Screen Tip Planned    
Target Frame Yes Imported from target="_XXX" attribute.  

Formatting Switches

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Date and Time Formatting N/A    
Numbering Formatting N/A    
General Formatting N/A