Numbering Features Supported on HTML Export

Numbering Definition

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Single Level Yes Single level lists can be output either as native HTML lists or as ordinary paragraphs. This depends on the properties of the list.

There are plans to introduce an option to control if lists are exported as native or paragraph lists.
Multi-Level Yes Multiple level lists are always outputted as ordinary paragraphs.  
Name Planned Can be exported as a List style name.  

Numbering Level

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Label Alignment Yes Ordinary paragraphs are used for alignment control in output HTML.  
Picture Bullet Yes Lists with picture bullets are always outputted as native lists. Other possibilities will be considered to keep formatting more precisely.  
Restart Level Yes Non-native list items can have a custom label.  
Bullet Character Yes Only some bullets are supported natively. For others, a list item is exported as spans and style formatting.  
Label/Format String Yes The only label itself is output. If a label cannot be represented by a native HTML list then all the list is exported as ordinary paragraphs. The label formatting string is not output.  
Number Format Yes Only some number formats are supported natively. For others, a list item is exported as a normal span and direct formatting.  
Paragraph Properties Yes Output as embedded or as inline style attributes.  
Font Properties Yes Output as inline styles.  
Linked Paragraph Style Planned    
Starting Value Yes Exported as “start” attribute on list item nodes for any lists that do not start at 1.  
Text After Planned