Style Features Supported on HTML Export

Style Type

Style type itself is not exported to CSS but it is implied by the specific attributes exported to that style.

There is a setting to export paragraph and character styles as inline CSS (style), embedded or linked CSS style sheet (class).

Character styles often are saved with .span prefix.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Paragraph Style Yes    
Character Style Yes    
List Style Planned    
Table Style Planned    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Aliases Yes Aliases are exported as ordinary CSS classes.  
Based On Planned    
Built-in Styles Yes Built-in styles are exported specifically. For instance Normal redirects to general <p> element, Heading 1 to <h1> etc.  
Custom Styles Yes A new style is created with each custom style in the document.  
Style Name Yes    
Next Style N/A    
Paragraph Properties Yes    
Run Properties Yes    
Bullets and Numbering Yes Output as inline styles.  

Document Defaults

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Paragraph Properties N/A    
Run Properties N/A    

Table Style

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Apply Formatting to Planned    
Table Properties Planned    
Banding Planned    
Paragraph Properties Planned    
Run Properties Planned