Table Features Supported on HTML Import


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Nested Tables Yes    
Right To Left Tables Yes   - Table.Bidi
Table Style Planned Table styles are supported in model and during conversion.

A table style can be applied or removed from tables. Only in-built or table styles already in the document can be applied - there is currently no support for creating new table styles.

There are plans to import CSS style on table as a Table Style.

- Working with Table Styles

- Table.Style

- Table.StyleIdentifier

Conditional Formatting Style N/A    
Table Alignment Yes Imported as a table wrapped inside a <div> formatted with text-align. - Table.Alignment
Table Indent Yes Imported from margin-left:XXX on table. - Table.LeftIndent
Allow AutoFit Planned Can be imported from “table-layout:fixed” attribute. - Table.AllowAutoFit
Default Cell Margins Planned Can be imported from “spacing” style attribute on table.

- Table.LeftPadding

- Table.RightPadding

- Table.BottomPadding

- Table.TopPadding

Default Cell Spacing Planned Can be imported from “padding-left”, “padding-right” etc style attribute on table. - Table.CellSpacing
Preferred Table Width Yes Preferred width on table can be set to absolute (points), relative (percent) or auto setting.

Imported from width as relative (percent) or absolute (point) width from <table>.
- Table.PreferredWidth
Table Shading Yes Imported from background-color style attribute on all cells in the table. - Table.SetShading
Hidden Planned Will be imported from display:none style attribute on table.  

Floating Tables

Floating tables are supported during import and export. However there is currently no API to access or modify the floating position of a table.

Floating tables are imported as inline.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Floating Tables Planned    

Table Borders

Table borders are stored in the rows of the table. This mimics the structure of an OOXML document.

If you try to set borders or shading on a table without any rows then an exception will be thrown. Add at least one row first.

Borders are imported from each cell from style attribute border-XXX-style, border-XXX-color etc.

See the following links in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Table Borders Planned    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Allow Break Across Pages Planned  

- Keeping Tables and Rows from Breaking across Pages

- RowFormat.AllowBreakAcrossPages

Repeat as Header Row Planned Will be imported from <thead> and <th> elements.

Currently content from such elements are still imported properly but not as header rows.

- Specifying Rows to Repeat on Subsequent Pages as Header Rows

- RowFormat.HeadingFormat

Height Yes Imported from “height” of style attribute on <tr>. Row height is only from <tr> and not from <td> cells. - RowFormat.Height
Height Rule Planned A row without any height is imported as “Auto” height rule.

A row with height defined is imported as “At Least”.
- RowFormat.HeightRule


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Cell Margins Yes Imported from padding-XXX on <td> elements.

- CellFormat.TopPadding

- CellFormat.BottomPadding

- CellFormat.LeftPadding

- CellFormat.RightPadding

Borders Yes Imported from <td> style attribute border-XXX-style, border-XXX-width etc. - CellFormat.Borders
Shading Yes Imported from “background-color” style attribute on <td>.

Note that background-image attribute is not supported as a Cell in a Microsoft Word document does not have a corresponing feature to this>.

Instead consider applying the background image to the paragraph inside the cell in the HTML document.
- CellFormat.Shading
Wrap Text Planned   - CellFormat.WrapText
Fit Text Planned   - CellFormat.FitText
Preferred Width Yes Imported from style attribute width from cells as either relative (percent) or fixed (points). - CellFormat.PreferredWidth
Merged Horizontally Yes Imported from “row-span” attribute on <td>.

- Working with Merged Cells

- CellFormat.HorizontalMerge

Merged Vertically Yes Imported from “col-span” attribute on <td>. - CellFormat.VerticalMerge
Vertical Alignment Yes Imported from vertical-align attribute on cell. - CellFormat.VerticalAlignment
Text Direction Yes Imported from “writing-mode” style attribute. - CellFormat.Orientation