Table Features Supported on OpenDocument Export


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Nested Tables Yes    
Right To Left Tables Yes    
Table Style Yes When a table style is present, it is converted to direct formatting on save so all formatting is still preserved.  
Conditional Formatting Style Yes    
Table Alignment Yes    
Table Indent Yes    
Allow AutoFit Yes    
Default Cell Margins Yes    
Default Cell Spacing N/A    
Preferred Table Width Yes    
Table Shading Yes    
Hidden Planned Hidden table or row is currently exported as collapsed with no content. This can produce the correct output with the exception of a row border present.  

Floating Tables

Floating tables are saved as normal tables.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Horizontal Position Planned    
Horizontal Position Relative To Planned    
Vertical Position Planned    
Vertical Position Relative To Planned    
Distance from Text Planned    
Move with Text Planned    
Allow Overlap Floating Tables Planned    

Table Borders

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Table Borders Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Allow Break Across Pages Yes    
Repeat as Header Row Yes    
Height Yes    
Height Rule Yes    


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Cell Margins Yes    
Borders Yes Diagonal borders are not saved to ODT.

Dashed, shadow and triple lines appear differently when saved to ODT.
Shading Yes Textured fills are saved as solid fills to ODT.  
Wrap Text Yes    
Fit Text Yes    
Preferred Width Yes    
Merged Horizontally Yes    
Merged Vertically Yes    
Vertical Alignment Yes    
Text Direction Yes