Text Features Supported on HTML Export


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Western Languages Yes    
East European Languages Yes    
East Asian Languages Yes    
Right to Left Languages Yes Exported as dir=“rtl” attribute on the span.  
Carriage Return (not a Paragraph Break) Yes Exported as <br> element.  
Non-Breaking Space Yes Exported as " " entity code.  
Non-Breaking Hyphen Yes Exported to HTML as entity code “”.  
Soft Hyphen Yes This type of hyphen is referred to as an “Optional Hyphen” in Microsoft Word documents.

Exported to HTML as the entity code “”.
Symbol Yes Symbols are exported as encoded characters.

Depending on the encoding used when saving the document, such symbols may not appear correctly in the output HTML.
Tab Yes There is no equivalent of a tab in HTML documents.

During conversion to HTML, a tab is exported as a series of non-breaking spaces of constant length. Improvement in length calculation is planned.


Feature Supported Comment See Also
Line Break Yes Exported as <<br>>  
Line Break Clear Type Yes Clear type “both” is output with this type of break.  
Page Break Yes Exported as a <br style=“page-break-before:always; clear:both”>  
Column Break Yes Exported as <br style=“mso-column-break-before:always; clear:both” >

There are plans to make it optional since it uses a Microsoft Office specific attribute.

General Formatting

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Character Style Yes There is an option to control how character style is exported as inline CSS (style) only, or a mix of inline and embedded or linked CSS style sheet (class).

Direct formatting on the run (from Font) is exported as inline CSS (using style attribute). Style properties (the style applied in Font.Style) are exported as CSS class styles when the appropriate save option is set and referenced using an embedded or external style sheet (using the class attribute). If inline styles only are exported then all formatting appears on the style attribute.

Note that to properly round-trip styles back to a word document format, an embedded or external style sheet must be used. On HTML import classes defined in the stylesheets are used to create styles.

If there is no linked style sheet of either of these kinds then the document is imported with no styles (apart from default Normal style).

There are plans to provide an option to save a document to HTML as pure HTML without CSS styles.
- HtmlSaveOptions.CssStyleSheetType
Color Yes Exported as color on style attribute.  
East Asian Typography Planned Some research is needed.  
Highlight Color Yes Exported as background-color on the span.  
Language Yes Exported as lang attribute on <span>. - [HtmlSaveOptions.ExportLanguageInformation]https://reference.aspose.com/words/net/aspose.words.saving/htmlsaveoptions/properties/exportlanguageinformation)
Do not Check Spelling or Grammar Planned    
Border Yes Exported as border-style, border-width, border-color on <span>.

Normally each side is exported as separate attributes even though all sides of the border of a run must be the same.
Shading Yes Only solid fill is supported, both background and foreground. Others are converted to the nearest color.

Exported as background-color on <span>.


Bold and italics are exported as font-weight:bold and font-style:italics on style attribute.

There are plans to make an option to export these as simple <b>, <i> tags.

There is an option to control how size is exported. Font can be exported as points or as em units. This allows fonts to be resized automatically by browsers by increasing or decreasing the font size.

Currently, images are not exported in the same relative way. This means that images will not resize when the “Increase Text/Decrease Text” buttons are pressed. These buttons are common in browsers and eReaders.

This feature will be supported in the future.

See the following link in the documentation for further information:

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Font Yes    


Only single line underline type is supported in native HTML. Exported as “text-decoration:underline”. Underline color is not exported.

In CSS 3 different underline types are proposed and may be implemented in the future.

There are plans to make an option to export underline as simple <u> tag.

“Words only” underline type can be simulated by splitting runs and only underlining non-space text.

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Underline Type N/A    
Underline Color Yes    

Text Effects

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Animated Effect Planned    
Double Strikethrough Yes Output as single strikethrough as HTML does not have any analogue for double strikethrough.  
Strikethrough Yes Exported as text-decoration:line-through.  
Subscript/Superscript Yes Exported as vertical-align:sub and vertical-align:super.

There are plans to add an option to export these as <sup> and <sub> elements.
Shadow Planned    
Outline Yes Output as bold.  
Emboss Yes Output as bold with color. Can be improved since in some cases we get white on white.  
Imprint (Engrave) Yes Output as bold with color. Can be improved since in some cases we get white on white.  
Small Caps Yes Exported as style=“font-variant:small-caps”.  
All Caps Yes Exported as style=“text-transform:uppercase”.  
Hidden Text Yes Exported as style=“display:none”.  
Special Hidden Planned Special hidden and Web hidden can be made aliases of ordinary Hidden.  
Web Hidden Planned    

Character Spacing

Feature Supported Comment See Also
Scale Planned    
Expanded/Compressed Yes Output as absolute values in points:

Vertical Position Yes Exported as vertical-align:XXXpt.