Aspose.ZIP for .NET 20.5 Release Notes

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Key Summary Issue Type
ZIPNET-436 RAR4 archive extraction. Enhancement

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added: Description
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchive This class represents the RAR4 archive file and can be used for its extraction.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry Represents a single file within the RAR archive.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntryPlain RAR entry that needs to be decompressed without decryption.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntryEncrypted RAR entry that needs to be decompressed with decryption.
The following public methods and properties were added: Description
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchive.#ctor(…) Instantiates a RAR archive with the provided data source.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchive.Entries Gets entries constituting the RAR archive.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchive.ExtractToDirectory(…) Extracts all the files in the archive to the directory provided.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry.Name Gets the name of the entry within the archive.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry.CompressedSize Gets the size of the compressed file.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry.UncompressedSize Gets the size of the original file.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry.ModificationTime Gets the last modified date and time.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry.IsDirectory Gets a value indicating whether the entry represents a directory.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry.Open(…) Opens the entry for extraction and provides a stream with decompressed entry content.
Aspose.Zip.UnRAR.RarArchiveEntry.Extract(…) Extracts the entry to the filesystem by the path provided.