Product Overview

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Product Description
Aspose.ZIP for .NET is implemented using Managed C# and can be used with any .NET language: C#, VB.NET, F#. It can be integrated with any kind of application, from ASP.NET web applications to forms applications within any OS: Windows/Linux/MacOS.It also provides fully featured demos written in both C# so that developers can get up and running quickly. Using parallel compression of zip archive with several entries can gain up to 5x speed increase. Aspose.ZIP can be used to perform a variety of tasks in applications. For example:

  • Compress files and folders to standard ZIP and 7z format
  • Decompress files and folders
  • Password protect ZIP archives
  • Support for traditional password protection schemes
  • Encrypting archives with AES Encryption schemes
  • Support for AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256 Encryption techniques
  • Apply a different protection scheme to each file in an archive
  • Append files to a zipped archive
  • Use parallelism to achieve efficient compression
  • LZMA, PPMd and BZip2 compression within a ZIP archive
  • 7z archive composition with LZMA, LZMA2 or Bzip2 compression