Supported File Formats

Supported File Formats The following table indicates the input and output file formats supported by Aspose.ZIP for .NET.

ZIPZIP File FormatticktickDeflate, Bzip2, LZMA, PPMd, XZ or Zstandard compression algorithms.
Able to extract Shrink and WavPack compressed data.
TARUnix File ArchiveticktickUnix Standard, GNU, POSIX.1-2001 TAR.
Can be combined with gz, bzip2, lz, xz, z, Zstandard compression.
GZIPGNU ZIPticktick 
CPIOUnix File Archiveticktick 
SHARShell Archivetick 
WIMWindows Imaging Formattick 
XAReXtensible ARchive formatPartlytickAspose.ZIP can extract Xar compressed with Bzip2, LZMA and Zlib methods.
ZUnix compressedticktick 
CABCabinet filetick
7z7 ZIPPartlyPartlyAspose.ZIP can compress to 7z format with the LZMA, LZMA2, PPMd and BZip2 algorithms.
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