Product Overview


Using Aspose.3D for Java in your applications gives you the following benefits:

  • Rich features.
  • Performance and Scalability.
  • Supported 3D File Formats

Rich Features

Aspose.3D offers a wide range of features for creating, reading, manipulating and saving 3D documents:

  • Build the mesh of various 3D geometric shapes
  • Create a 3D scene document
  • Set up normals or UV on the Cube
  • Format elements using 3D Transformations
  • Share Mesh’s geometry data between the multiple nodes
  • Add Animation property to 3D scene document

Performance and Scalability

Aspose.3D for Java is designed to perform equally well on the server or client-side. It is a single Java assembly that can be deployed with any Java application by simply adding reference. You don’t have to worry about other services or modules.

Supported 3D File Formats

  • FBX 7.5 ASCII
  • FBX 7.5 Binary
  • FBX 7.4 ASCII
  • FBX 7.4 Binary
  • FBX 7.3 ASCII
  • FBX 7.3 Binary
  • FBX 7.2 ASCII
  • FBX 7.2 Binary
  • STL (ASCII, Binary)
  • WavefrontOBJ
  • Discreet3DS
  • Universal3D
  • glTF
  • DXF
  • PLY (ASCII, Binary)
  • X (ASCII, Binary)
  • Draco
  • GLTF 2.0 (ASCII, Binary)
  • 3MF
  • RVM (Text, Binary)
  • ASE
  • GLB

Technical Support

Aspose gives boundless free specialized support to every one of its APIs. Support is available to all clients, including assessment.

If you need help of Aspose.3D for Java API, visit the Aspose.Forums. Please post your question in the Aspose.3D family forum and it will be answered within the few hours. The questions are answered directly by the Aspose.3D for Java API experts. When expecting a reply in the forums, please allow for time zone differences.

If you have an issue with Aspose.3D for Java, follow these simple steps to make sure it is resolved in the most efficient way:

  • Make sure you use the latest version of Aspose.3D for Java API before reporting the issue. Refer to the Aspose.3D for Java download page to find out about the latest version.
  • Have a look through the forumthis documentation Wiki and the API Reference docs for solutions before reporting the issue. Your question might already have an answer.
  • When reporting an issue, please include the original document and possibly a fragment of the code that causes the problem. If you need to attach multiple files, zip them into one. It is safe to attach your documents in Aspose forums because only you and Aspose staff members will be able to access attachments.
  • Please try to report one issue per thread. If you have another issue, report it in a separate thread.


This table lists important Aspose.3D for Java technical resources.

Resource Description
Aspose.3D home Page Product home page.
Aspose.3D blog Check this often for information about new releases and useful tips about Aspose.3D.
Aspose.3D for Java download Download the latest version of Aspose.3D from here. We release often.
Aspose.3D for Java support forum Post your questions and issues here for a speedy resolution.
Aspose.3D for Java product documentation Full online documentation that includes this documentation as well as Aspose.3D API Reference.
Aspose.3D for Java Examples and Plugins This repository contains C# Example Projects for Aspose.3D for Java.