Generate QR Codes for SMS

How to Generate QR Code for an SMS?

To generate a QR Code for an SMS, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Select the Type: SMS
  2. Fill out the content section: SMS
  3. Customize QR Code Settings (Optional)
  4. Click Generate Preview button

You will see the generated QR Code under the preview section.


SMS Format



 GET /qrcodegen/api/qrcode/generate?data=<SMSTO:Phone Number:MESSAGE>&foreColor=&bgColor=&ecc=&size=&format=

Sample SMS Message


SMSTO:+61280035926:This is an SMS from Aspose.BarCode for Java library.

API Example:


http://localhost:8080/qrcodegen/api/qrcode/generate?data=SMSTO%3A%2B61280035926%3AThis is an SMS from Aspose.BarCode for Java library.&foreColor=&bgColor=&ecc=&size=&format=

Generated SMS QR Code


Java Script

The JS code sample to generate SMS format from content input fields is provided below.

 if(page == 'sms'){

     var requestString= "SMSTO:";

     requestString = requestString + this.$('.input-sms-countrycode').val() + this.$('.input-sms-areacode').val() +  this.$('.input-sms-phonenumber').val();

     requestString = requestString + ":" + this.$('.input-sms-content').val();

     requestString = encodeURIComponent(requestString);

     requestString = this.addRequestSettings(requestString)

     var that = this;






     that.$('.qrcode-preview-processing').attr('src', '/qrcodegen/resources/imgs/error.png');


     .attr('src', '/qrcodegen/api/qrcode/generate?data='+ requestString);




Core API Method - QRCodeManagementController.generateQRCode 

 @RequestMapping(value = "generate", method = RequestMethod.GET,

    		produces = {MediaType.IMAGE_JPEG_VALUE, MediaType.IMAGE_PNG_VALUE, MediaType.IMAGE_GIF_VALUE, MediaType_IMAGE_TIFF_VALUE, MediaType_IMAGE_BMP_VALUE})

    @ApiOperation(value = "Generate QR Code.")

    public ResponseEntity<byte[]>  generateQRCode(

    		@ApiParam( value = "data", name="data" , required = true)

    		@RequestParam("data") String data,

        HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response,

        @ApiParam( value = "A user-chosen password that can be used with password-based encryption (PBE) Algo PBEWITHMD5AND128BITAES-CBC-OPENSSL)", name="passKey", required=false) @RequestParam(required=false, value="passKey") String passKey,

        @ApiParam( value = "ForeColor e.g #000000 (Black - RGB(hex))", name="foreColor", required=false) @RequestParam(required=false, value="foreColor") String foreColor,

        @ApiParam( value = "BackgroundColor e.g #FFFFFF (White - RGB(hex))", name="bgColor", required=false) @RequestParam(required=false, value="bgColor") String bgColor,

        @ApiParam( value = "L|M|Q|H - Reed-Solomon error correctionCode Level(from low to high) default=Low", name="ecc", required=false) @RequestParam(required=false, value="ecc") String ecc,

        @ApiParam( value = "Image Size e.g #150x150", name="size", required=false) @RequestParam(required=false, value="size") String size,

        @ApiParam( value = "jpeg|tiff|gif|png|bmp - default=png", name="format", required=false) @RequestParam(required=false, value="format") String format,

        @ApiParam( value = "true|false default=false", name="download", required=false) @RequestParam(required=false, value="download") boolean download,

        @ApiIgnore @Value("#{request.getHeader('" +  ACCEPT_HEADER + "')}") String acceptHeaderValue) throws Exception {