Marking BarCode Regions in an Image in Ruby

Aspose.BarCode - Marking Barcode Regions in an Image

To Marke Barcode Regions in an Image using Aspose.Barcode Java for Ruby, simply invoke MakingBarcodeRegions module. Here you can see example code.

Ruby Code

 data_dir = File.dirname(File.dirname(File.dirname(File.dirname(__FILE__)))) + '/data/'

\# initialize barcode reader

img = data_dir + "barcode.jpg"

barcode_reader_type = Rjb::import('com.aspose.barcoderecognition.BarCodeReadType')

reader = Rjb::import('com.aspose.barcoderecognition.BarCodeReader').new(img, barcode_reader_type.Code39Standard)

\# Try to recognize all possible barcodes in the image


    # Display the symbology type

    puts "BarCode Type: " + reader.getReadType().to_s

    # Display the codetext

    puts "BarCode CodeText: " + reader.getCodeText().to_s

    # Get the barcode region

    region = reader.getRegion()

    if region != nil

        # Initialize an object of type BufferedImage to get the Graphics object

        bufferedImage = Rjb::import('javax.imageio.ImageIO').read(Rjb::import('').new(img))

        # Initialize graphics object from the image

        g = bufferedImage.getGraphics()

        color = Rjb::import('java.awt.Color')

        # Initialize paint object

        p = Rjb::import('java.awt.GradientPaint').new(0, 0,, 100, 100,, true)

        region.drawBarCodeEdges(g, color.RED)

        # Save the image

        Rjb::import('javax.imageio.ImageIO').write(bufferedImage, "png", Rjb::import('').new(data_dir + "Code39StdOut.png"))



\# Close reader


Download Running Code

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