Read Barcodes using Barcode Java API

Scan Barcode from Image

The following example demonstrates how to scan a barcode image using Aspose.BarCode.

Sample barcode image
Recognition result

Recognize Specific Barcode Type

This article shows the basic settings of the BarCodeReader class.

Barcode Type

The example below specifies the barcode type in the constructor of the BarCodeReader class and use the Read() method to recognize barcodes in an image.

When we already know the barcode type passed to the reader, this is the most efficient way to write the program. Recognition speeds up considerably when the barcode type is known.

Recognition result

For unknown barcode types, either call the Read() method with no arguments or programmatically loop through every symbology. This slows down recognition.


The BarCodeReader class’ getReadType()┬ámethod returns the symbology type of the recognized barcode. Continuing the sample above, the first recognized barcode’s SymbologyType is:


 BarCodeReadType symbologyType = reader.getReadType();

For barcode symbologies with variations, it’s original SymbologyType or superset SymbologyType is returned. For example, both Code39Standard and Code39Extended barcodes are recognized as Code39Extended barcodes.

Code Text

The getCodeText() method of class BarCodeReader returns a string representing the barcode’s decoded data.


 String strCodeText = reader.getCodeText();

Recognize Multiple Barcode Types in Single Image

There might be situations when there is more than one barcode in an image. Aspose.BarCode can easily recognize all the barcodes of supported symbology types. This can be done by specifying the symbology type or setting Symbology.AllSupportedTypes.

The image below contains two barcodes of the Code39Standard and Pdf417 types.

Two barcodes in one image


As the method returns a Boolean value, it is possible to call it in a while loop to recognize all the barcodes in an image. For the above image, the read() method returns true for the first barcode, and then again for the second barcode. It returns false in the third iteration.

The above code snippet assumes that we already know the symbology types of the barcodes in the image and specified the symbologies. If the symbologies are not known in advance, use BarCodeReadType.AllSupportedTypes to check for any symbology type.