Generate and Read Swiss QR Codes in Java


The Swiss QR Code barcode starndard has been introduced by Switzerland to facilitate the automation of electronic payment operations. This approach implies adding Swiss QR Code barcodes encrypting payment information to all bills and receipts issued in Switzerland. Unlike common QR Codes, Swiss QR Code barcodes are designed with the Swiss cross sign.

Swiss QR Code barcodes serve to process QR bills in digital payment operations. They store key payment data needed to execute payment procedures or generate QR invoices. To deal with the Swiss QR Code symbology, Aspose.BarCode for Java provides special classes SwissQRBill and SwissQRCodetext.

General principles of generating Swiss QR Code barcodes and processing QR payment documents are specified in a standard called “Swiss Implementation Guidelines for the QR-bill” that is based on ISO 20022.

Generation of Swiss QR Codes

To create Swiss QR Code barcodes through Aspose.BarCode for Java, first, it is needed to create an instance of class ComplexBarcodeGenerator and enter data using the SwissQRCodetext() method of class SwissQRCodetext.

Reading Swiss QR Code Barcodes

To read complex barcodes, Aspose.BarCode for Java provides class ComplexCodetextReader that can be used to recognize input data for different complex barcode symbologies, including Swiss QR Code. To perform Swiss QR Code recognition, developers need to start with creating an instance of class BarCodeReader and setting it to DecodeType.QR. Thereafter, barcode data requires parsing through the TryDecodeSwissQR(java.lang.String encodedCodetext) method of class ComplexCodetextReader that generates an instance of SwissQRCodetext containing barcode text.