Barcode Generation

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This documentation chapter describes barcode generation basics and discusses supported barcode types, appearance-related properties, size and appereance, barcode text, output options, and so on. You can find the required information in the articles specified below.

Article Description
Customize Barcode Appearance Explains how to adjust barcode appearance-related properties, such as size, rotation angle, paddings, borders, and bar width reduction
Manage Barcode Parameters Outlines the capabilities to customize the barcode measurement units and the resolution of generated barcode images
Set Barcode Text Describes the ways to manage various parameters of barcode text and captions, including visibility, location, font, spacings, and wrapping modes
Modify Barcode Color Scheme Represents the available options to customize the color scheme of barcodes and their elements
Save Generated Barcodes Explains how to save generated barcode images (stream, file, or bitmap) using different output image formats (raster and vector ones)