Add BarCode Column to SharePoint Lists

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To use Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint, create a new custom list:

  1. On the Create page, select Custom List.

    Creating a custom list


  1. Provide a name and description for the new list.

  2. Click Create.

    Adding name and description


Once the list has been created, add columns to your list:

  1. Click the Create Column on the ribbon.

    Create a new column


  1. To add a barcode column, select Aspose BarCode field from the list.

  2. Provide a column name and description.

  3. Click OK.

    Creating a column


A barcode column has been added to the list.

  1. Now, add a new item by clicking Add new item. As there are only two columns in this list, the New item diagram looks like the one below.

    New item


You can select different symbols for barcode generation and provide the barcode text. Once saved, the barcode will appear as below.

A barcode in a SharePoint list