Add BarCode Column to SharePoint Lists

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To use Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint, create a new custom list:

  1. On the Create page, select Custom List.

    Creating a custom list


  1. Enter a name and description for the new list

  2. Click Create

    Adding name and description


Once the list has been created, add columns to your list:

  1. Click the Create Column on the ribbon

    Create a new column


  1. To add a barcode column, select Aspose BarCode field from the list.

  2. Enter a column name and description

  3. Click OK

    Creating a column


A barcode column has been added to the list.

  1. Now, add a new item by clicking Add new item As there are only two columns in this list, the New item diagram looks like the one below. todo:image_alt_text

You can select different symbols for barcode generation and provide the barcode text. Once saved, the barcode will appear as below.