Export with 3D options

Export with 3D options

Few options were introduced to export 3D models to PDF/raster from corresponding FBX, OBJ, STL formats.

Here are the examples of the 3D scene from different viewpoints:


Figures from other points of view

ObserverPoint property allows to rotate the 3D scene according to specified angles around axis. This example shows the code and export result using some arbitrary rotation angles.

Export with rotation

Changing the ObserverAngle to ObserverPoint = new ObserverPoint(5, 60, 0) allows to rotate the scene.

Export with changed rotation

The other RenderMode3D property allows to specify how export result should be presented. There are 3 modes: Solid (the default), Wireframe, and SolidWithEdges.

The example below allows to create wireframe model for the spherical object.

Wireframe mode

The example below shows the difference between Solid and SolidWithEdges modes.

Solid mode Solid with edge mode