Using ICustomFunction Feature


This article provides an understanding of how to use the ICustomFunction feature to implement custom functions with Aspose.Cells APIs.

The ICustomFunction interface allows you to add custom formula calculation functions to extend the Aspose.Cells core calculation engine in order to meet certain requirements. This feature is useful to define custom (user defined) functions in a template file or in a code where the custom function can be implemented and evaluated using Aspose.Cells APIs like any other default Microsoft Excel function.

Using ICustomFunction Feature

The following sample code implements the ICustomFunction interface which evaluates and returns the values of the two custom functions i.e. MySampleFunc() and YourSampleFunc(). These custom functions are inside the cells A1 and A2 respectively. Then it calls the IWorkbook.CalculateFormula(false, ICustomFunction) method to invoke the implementation of ICustomFunction.CalculateCustomFunction() method. Then, it prints the values of A1 and A2 on console which are actually the values returned by ICustomFunction.CalculateCustomFunction(). Please see the Console Output of the sample code below for more help.

Sample Code

Console Output

 Value of A1: MY sample function was called successfully.

Value of A2: YOUR sample function was called successfully.