Product Overview - Aspose.Cells for Android via Java

Document Features

  • Open Plain or Encrypted Excel files (Excel97 - Excel2007 and later versions) from different sources
  • Save Excel files (Excel97 - Excel2007 and later versions) in different formats (XLS, XLSX/XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLSB, CSV, SpreadsheetML, Tab Delimited, HTML etc.)
  • Convert Excel file to PDF document
  • Convert Excel spreadsheet to XPS document
  • Read and Write OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) format
  • Modify the document properties of Excel files

Worksheet Features

Display Options

  • Hide or show a worksheet
  • Show or hide tabs, scroll bars, gridlines, and row and column headers.
  • Preview page breaks.
  • Set a worksheet’s zoom level.
  • Make selected data remain visible while scrolling using freeze panes.

Worksheet Protection

  • Protect worksheet contents, objects and scenarios.

Page Setup Options

  • Set page orientation, scaling, paper size, and print quality.
  • Set page margins for top, left, right, bottom.
  • Set headers and footers.
  • Set print area and print title.

Page Breaks

  • Insert horizontal and vertical page breaks at a specified cell.

Rows & Columns Features

  • Adjust the column width.
  • Auto size the width and height of cells.
  • Add or delete rows and columns.
  • Hide or show rows and columns.
  • Group or ungroup rows and columns.

Data Management Features

  • Add data to desired Cells at runtime
  • Import data into Worksheets from different data sources
  • Retrieve data from cells according to their data types
  • Export cells data to Array
  • Find or Search specific data in cells
  • Set Formulae with Built-in or Add-in Functions
  • Add different kinds of Hyperlinks
  • Create or Access Named Ranges
  • Apply Data Validation and Auto-Filtering
  • Apply Subtotals to Worksheet tables

Formatting Features

  • Apply Number Format Settings for the Cells
  • Format Cell as a Date
  • Set Text Alignment
  • Merge multiple Cells into single one
  • Apply different kinds of Font Settings for the Cells
  • Apply different Colors to Cells, Fonts, Gridlines, Graphic Objects etc.
  • Set Rich Text in a Single Cell
  • Apply different Border Settings on Cells
  • Apply different Background Patterns on Cells
  • Apply Format Settings on a Worksheet, Row or Column etc.
  • Apply Conditional Formatting on Cells

Charting & Graphics Features

  • Create Different kinds of Charts easily
  • Customize Charts by setting their different properties
  • Set Data for the Charts dynamically
  • Add Custom Charts to Worksheets using API
  • Add Pictures to Worksheets at runtime
  • Create and Add Comments to cells
  • Convert chart to image file
  • Convert worksheet to image file

Advance Features

  • Supports Formula Calculations using robust Formula Calculation Engine
  • Change Source Data of a Pivot Table at runtime
  • Create and manipulate PivotTables