Add Footer to multiple documents

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If you want to add footer in multiple Excel files, please choose “Add Footer with Aspose.Cells” option in Ribbon bar.


Get all Excel files from data source folder and create file list table.

Select file which needs to add footer, click Add Footer button to add footer for selected files. 


The following options are available during adding footer setup:


Add footer position: Left Section, Center Section and Right Section.

Footer Script

It represents Footer formatting script. Script commands: Command | Description| &P Current page number| &N Page count|&D Current date| &T Current time &A Sheet name &F File name without path &"" Font name, for example: &“Arial” &", " Font name and font style, for example: &“Arial,Bold” & Font size. If this command is followed by a plain number to be printed in the header, it will be separated from the font height with a space character. &G Image script For example: “&Arial,Bold&8Footer Note”.