Supported File Formats

[ ]
XLSExcel 95/5.0 - 2003 Workbook.ticktick
XLSXOffice Open XML SpreadsheetML Workbook or template file, with or without macros.ticktick
XLSBExcel Binary Workbook.ticktick
XLSMExcel Macro-Enabled Workbook.ticktick
XLTXExcel Template.ticktick
XLTMExcel Macro-Enabled Template.ticktick
XMLExtensible Markup Languageticktick
CSVCSV (Comma Separated Value) file.ticktick
TSVTSV (Tab-separated values) file.ticktick
TabDelimitedTab-delimited text file, same with TSV file.ticktick
TXTDelimited plain text file.ticktick
HTMLHTML format.ticktick
MHTMLMHTML file.ticktick
ODSODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet).ticktick
PDFAdobe Portable Document Format. tick
XPSXML Paper Specification Format. tick
SVGScalable Vector Graphics Format. tick
TIFFTagged Image File Format tick
PNGPortable Network Graphics Format tick
BMPBitmap Image Format tick
EMFEnhanced metafile Format tick
JPEGJPEG is a type of image format that is saved using the method of lossy compression. tick
GIFGraphical Interchange Format tick