Open Visio document programmatically

Read an Existing Visio Drawing

Aspose.Diagram API supports creating the new Visio diagrams from the scratch and then save in any supported file format. Developers can also load an existing Visio diagram for the modification, addition or processing purposes.  

Reading a Diagram

Using Aspose.Diagram API, developers can load all the supported Visio file formats. The available constructors of the Diagram class allow to do so and they accept a valid file path string or a file stream of the source Visio file.

The supported readable file formats are as follows: VSDX, VSD, VSDM, VSS, VSSX, VSSM, VTX, VSTM, VDX, VDW, VST, VSTX and VSX

Constructors of the diagram class also offer an optional parameter that defines LoadFileFormat or LoadOptions. It is the pre load information which developers can pass to the Aspose.Diagram API. We recommend passing the realistic information to get an ideal performance.

Reading Diagram Programming Sample