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Contents Summary

Supported File Formats

The following table indicates the file formats that Aspose.3D for Java can load and Save.

3DS3D Studio(tick)(tick) 
3MFMicrosoft 3D Manufacturing Format(tick)  
AMFAdditive manufacturing file format(tick)(tick) 
ASE3D Studio Max's ASCII Scene Exporter format(tick)  
RVMAVEVA Plant Design Management System Model(tick)(tick) 
DRCGoogle Draco(tick)(tick)Including mesh/point cloud support
DXFAutoCAD DXF(tick)  
FBXAutodesk FBX format.(tick)(tick)From 7.2 to 7.5, both ASCII/Binary.
glTFKhronos Group’s glTF(tick)(tick)Including 1.0 ASCII/ Binary, 2.0 ASCII/Binary, 2.0 ASCII/Binary with Draco extension
OBJWavefront Obj(tick)(tick)Including mesh/point cloud support.
HTMLHypertext Markup Language (tick) 
PLYPolygon File Format or Stanford Triangle Format(tick)(tick)Including mesh/point cloud support.
JTSiemens JT File(tick) Only supports version 8 and 9.
STLStandard Triangle Language(tick)(tick) 
VRML 1.0The Virtual Reality Modeling Language(tick) Only supports 1.0 ASCII.
XDirectX’s X file(tick) Including ASCII/Binary.

Alphacam Lathe Tool File


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