Programming Email Verification

Using EmailValidator

EmailValidator provides full support for validating email addresses. With the help of the EmailValidator class, different types of validation can be performed, including email syntax checking, email domain checking and checking user accounts with mail servers. The ValidationPolicy enumeration is used to set the validation policy level:

  • SyntaxOnly validates the email address syntax.
  • SyntaxAndDomain validates the email address syntax, then validate the domain.

Basic Validation Functionality

Use EmailValidator to verify the validity of email addresses.

Validating Emails

Aspose.Email’s validation functionality can be used to validate email addresses, domain names and mail servers. The following code snippet shows you how to use EmailValidator to validate an email address.

EmailValidator ev = new EmailValidator();
ValidationResult[] result = new ValidationResult[] { null };
ev.validate("", result);
if (result[0].getReturnCode() == ValidationResponseCode.ValidationSuccess)
    System.out.println("the email address is valid.");
    System.out.println("the mail address is invalid,for the " + result[0].getMessage());