SmtpClient Activity Logging

SMTP Client Activity Logging

SMTP client activity can be logged by modifying the configSections in the config file. Following are the steps to perform diagnostics logging:

  • Add a sectionGroup called “applicationSettings”.
  • Add a section called “Aspose.Email.Properties.Settings”.
  • Include the setting with the name SmtpDiagonosticLog where the file name is defined in the applicationSettings/Aspose.Email.Properties.Settings

Here is a sample form based application which uses SmtpClient to send an email. This whole activity is logged by modifying the App.config file. Create a form application with a single button on it. Add the following code for button’s click:

  • Add reference to Aspose.Email.
  • Add the App.Config file and modify it in such a way that file contents are as follows
  • For C# .NET use the following option
  • For VB .NET use the following option
todo:image_alt_text   todo:image_alt_text
  • Run the code and then observe the debug folder. The following file will be generated.