Supported File Formats

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Aspose.Email for .NET provides a comprehensive suite of functionalities tailored for efficient handling of email messages and associated data. A fundamental aspect of the library lies in its robust support for a diverse array of file formats, empowering users to seamlessly process email-related data within their applications. Below is an overview of all the supported file formats:

Format Description Load Save
MSG This format is used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange to store email messages, contact, appointment, or other tasks. Aspose.Email supports reading, writing, and modifying MSG files. tick tick
PST It represents Outlook Personal Storage Files that store emails, calendar items, notes, contacts, and several other file formats. It is used for archiving emailing data offline. Aspose.Email allows working with PST files, including reading, writing, and manipulating data. tick tick
OST It represents the user’s mailbox data in offline mode on the local machine upon registration with Exchange Server using Microsoft Outlook. Aspose.Email allows working with OST files, including reading and manipulating data. tick tick
OFT Message template files that are created using Microsoft Outlook. Aspose.Email allows working with OFT files, including reading and writing. tick tick
OLM This format is used by Microsoft Outlook for Mac for storing email messages, contacts, journals, calendar data, and other user application data. Aspose.Email supports the extraction, manipulation, and conversion of the data housed within these archives. tick  
EML It represents email messages saved using Outlook and other relevant applications. Aspose.Email provides support for reading and writing EML files, as well as converting them to other formats. tick tick
EMLX It is a format used by Apple Mail to store a single email message. Aspose.Email enables reading and writing of EMLX files. tick tick
MBOX It represents a container for collection of electronic mail messages. Aspose.Email provides support for reading and writing MBOX files. tick tick
ICS The iCalendar format is used for exchanging and deploying calendar events and scheduling. Aspose.Email provides support for reading and writing ICS files, allowing integration of calendar data into applications. tick tick
VCF Virtual Card Format is a digital file format for storing contact information. Aspose.Email allows users to read, write, and manipulate contact data. tick tick
HTML HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the extension for web pages created for display in browsers. Aspose.Email equips developers with the capability to handle HTML files, facilitating the extraction and utilization of content from these files within their applications. tick tick
MHTML Web page archive format which saves the HTML code and associated resources in a single file. Aspose.Email supports reading MHTML files, allowing extraction of their content for use in applications. tick tick