Top Reasons to Buy Aspose.Email

Top Reasons to Buy Aspose.Email

Aspose.Email is a unique component. It combines email programming features into a single component that help software developers develop applications that handle emails easily. There are lots of reasons that our customers buy Aspose.Email and here we list a few of them.

Powerful Suite of Email Components

Aspose.Email is a suite of components combined into one. These components include Aspose.Email.Mail, Aspose.Email.Mime, Aspose.Email.Pop3, Aspose.Email.Imap and Aspose.Email.Verify. So, you are buying multiple components at the price of a single component, which makes Aspose.Email your best choice with respect to cost and benefits.

Robust Emailing

Aspose.Email contains Aspose.Email.Mail, Aspose.Email.Mime and Aspose.Email.Pop3, powerful components for programming with emails. With these components, developers can perform almost any email operation they may want to perform, for example, sending multi-threaded bulk emails, using mail merge, adding attachments, embedding pictures, sounds etc. in email messages, adding iCalendar events to emails, receiving emails, extracting the contents of emails, parsing MIME messages and much more. The components provide robust control over emails.

Easy Portability from System.Net.Mail

If you are using the Microsoft .NET Framework’s 2.0 System.Net.Mail API, you can easily migrate your code to Aspose.Email. The Aspose.Email.Mail component has almost the same object model as System.Net.Mail. So, you can use your existing code with Aspose.Email by only making few minor changes.

Work with IMAP Servers

Using Aspose.Email, it is also possible to connect with IMAP servers. You can access your email messages right on the server instead of downloading them to your machine. But you can use the component to do a lot more than just accessing email. You can save, delete and manage your email messages and folders. If you already have experience of working with IMAP servers, then give Aspose.Email a try: we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with it.

SSL Support

Aspose.Email.Smtp, Aspose.Email.Imap and Aspose.Email.Pop3 are able to connect SSL enabled mail servers such as Gmail.

Validate Email Addresses

Aspose.Email provides validation features to validate email addresses. These features include validating the email syntax, domain and mail server, etc. Validation results provide complete information on whether email addresses passed validation or not.

Web or Windows - Use Anywhere

Aspose.Email is a pure .NET component, so it can be used in any kind of .NET application. Whether used in a web or windows application, Aspose.Email gives you the same benefits.

Easy to Use

Aspose.Email is implemented as a single assembly, easily referenced and used in your applications. Use it like you would any other .NET component: there’s no fuss, just install it and use it.

Fully Functional Evaluation Version

An evaluation version of Aspose.Email can be downloaded so that you can try all of its features before you buy. The evaluation version only adds a few limitations to its Mail, Pop3, Ftp and Imap components.

First .NET Component to Parse Outlook Message Files

There are many components in the market that allow parsing emails in different formats like RFC822 Compliant Message Format (EML) and Microsoft HTML Format (MHT) but Aspose.Email is the first .NET component on the market that also allows developers to parse Microsoft Outlook E-Mail Message Format (MSG). That gives Aspose.Email a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Technical Support in Minutes

We provide instant technical support to solve your problems. Our dedicated technical support team is always ready to provide hotfixes and add features requested by our customers.

Highly Affordable

Aspose.Email can be purchased at a very affordable price. Aspose.Email is cost-effective compared to other email programming products.

Simple Documentation

Aspose.Email provides simple documentation including and easy to use programmer’s guide, thorough API documentation and other helpful information. It aims to help you learn Aspose.Email quickly.

Online Demos

Aspose.Email offers online demos that explain and demonstrate its features. Our demos and online tutorial help developers learn how to use Aspose.Email quickly.