Symbology - C# GIS API

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A symbolizer is a way to draw a feature geometry on a map. 

**  Symbolizer API Class Description
todo:image_alt_text Marker SimpleMarker Draws a predefined shape with customizable fill and outline. 
todo:image_alt_text Line SimpleLine Draws a line with customizable styling.
todo:image_alt_text Fill SimpleFill Fills a polygon or area bounded by a line with customizable fill and stroke.
In addition to the symbolizers that do actual drawing, there is a number of other symbolizers that allow combining other symbolizers to create more complex visualizations.
Symbolizer API Class Description
Layered Symbolizer LayeredSymbolizer Draws a feature with several symbolizers on top of each other
Mixed Geometry Symbolizer MixedGeometrySymbolizer Draws features from layers that contain geometries of mixed types with a specific symbolizer for each geometry type
Rule-Based Symbolizer RuleBasedSymbolizer Selects a symbolizer to apply to a feature by rules specified by the user.
Marker Cluster Symbolizer MarkerCluster Draws clustering of markers, grouping of these items.
Geometry Generator Symbolizer GeometryGenerator Allow to substitute the feature geometry before rendering.
Null Symbolizer NullVectorSymbolizer Doesn’t draw anything. Useful when combined with other symbolizers, such as the rule-based symbolizer.