Converting DjVu to TIFF Format in PHP

Aspose.Imaging - Converting DjVu to TIFF Format

To Convert DjVu to TIFF Format using Aspose.Imaging Java for PHP, simply invoke ConvertingDjVuToTiff module. Here you can see example code.

PHP Code

 # Load an existing image (of type bmp) in an instance of Image class

$image=new Image();

$image = $image->load($dataDir . "Sample.djvu");

\# Create an instance of TiffOptions & use preset options for Black n While with Deflate compression

$tiff_expected_format = new TiffExpectedFormat();

$export_options = new TiffOptions($tiff_expected_format->TiffDeflateBW);

\# Initialize an instance of DjvuMultiPageOptions

$export_options->setMultiPageOptions(new DjvuMultiPageOptions());

\# Save the result in PDF format

$image->save($dataDir."djvu.tiff", $export_options);

\# Display Status.

print "Converted DjVu to Tiff successfully!".PHP_EOL;

Download Running Code

Download Converting DjVu to TIFF Format (Aspose.Imaging) from any of the below mentioned social coding sites: