Crop Image

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Cropping Image

Aspose.Imaging for SharePoint provides the crop feature from the Image Conversion dialog.

How the document is cropped depends on the Resize Type selection:

  • None - the image stays the same size.
  • Let Top To Left Top - crops from the top left corner.
  • Right Top To Right Top - crops from the top right corner.
  • Right Bottom to Right Bottom - crops from the bottom right corner.
  • Lets Bottom To Left Bottom - crops from the bottom left corner.
  • Center to Center - crop from the center of the image.

To crop an image:

  1. Select an image file in a document library.
  2. Click Convert Image from the contextual menu.
  3. Select an output format from the Target Format field.
  4. Enter the width and height crop parameters, and select a crop algorithm.


  1. Click OK to convert, crop and save the new file.