Installing and Using Aspose.Note for IntelliJ IDEA - Maven

Installing Aspose.Note Java for IntelliJ IDEA - Maven

Steps below demonstrates how to install Aspose.Words Java for IntelliJ IDEA (Maven) plugin.

The  plugin is listed on IntelliJ IDEA’s CE official plugin website - plugin repository as Aspose Words Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven, so you don’t need to download it manually and install it from disk, but this extra option still exists in IntelliJ IDEA.

Aspose.Words Java for IntelliJ IDEA (Maven) plugin can be easily installed (without manual downloading) from within IntelliJ IDEA. To do it:

  1. Select Settings (Preferences on Mac) from the File (IntelliJ IDEA on Mac) menu.
  2. Click Plugins, then Browse repositories in IntelliJ IDEA.


Aspose.Note Maven Project Wizard

Installing this plugin will introduce a new project type –


Aspose.Note Maven Project – into IntelliJ IDEA, which will enable you to create Aspose.Note Maven based project for using Aspose.Note for Java API.


Aspose.Note Examples Wizard

An option for creating Source Code Examples of using Aspose.Note for Java API inside the project, will also appear after the installation under “New” menu (using Right Click -> New OR File menu->New) –


Aspose.Note Examples



Using Aspose.Note Maven Project Wizard

To create Aspose.Note Maven project for using Aspose.Note for Java API within IntelliJ IDEA, you need to have internet connection.

Then follow the steps below:

\1. Select New Project. \2. Select Aspose.Note Maven Project \3. Click Next. \4. Provide a GroupId, ArtifactId and Version for your maven project and click Next.


    You can select “Also Download Examples Source Code” checkbox to download the sample usage examples of the API (as shown in above snapshot)

\6. Provide a Project Name and Location just like when creating any Java application

\7. Click Finish.     This will retrieve the Aspose.Note for Java API latest maven dependency reference from Aspose Cloud Maven Repository and configure it in pom.xml      If you have selected “Also Download Examples Source Code” checkbox. Downloading of the examples will also begin from the Aspose.Note for Java API GitHub Repository

     Congratulations ! circle You have successfully created Aspose.Note Maven project for using Aspose.Note for Java API.

      The created Aspose.Note for Java API Maven project is ready to be modified as per your project’s requirements.

      If you have opted to download Examples Source Codes, you can use Aspose.Note Examples wizard to copy / create the downloaded examples into your project.

Using Aspose.Note Examples Wizard

To create / copy Examples Source Codes into the project using Aspose.Note Examples Wizard, you need to first download the examples by opting  “Also Download Examples Source Code” on Aspose.Note Maven Project Wizard.

Then follow the steps below on IntelliJ IDEA:

\1. Select File => New - -OR- Right Click (on project window) => New  \2. Select Aspose.Note Example Option from Menu - As shown below:


  The wizard will refresh / check for the latest available Aspose.Note for Java API Examples

\3. Aspose.Note Examples wizard dialog will appear, where you can select any examples category to create / copy the examples into your project     Select any examples category and click Create :

\5. This will create / copy  the selected category examples into the project under com.aspose.note.examples package.     Also any required resources for the execution of the examples will be copied to src/main/resources folder.

       Congratulations ! circle You have successfully done the following:

       1. You’ have created Aspose.Note Maven Project using Aspose.Note Maven Project Wizard.

       2. You have downloaded Aspose.Note for Java API Examples Source Codes.

       3. You have created / copied Examples Source Codes into your project by using Aspose.Note Examples Wizard.